Welcome to SewGoCreate– the website for downloadable patterns!

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Greetings, sewists!!  Thanks for your interest!

Look for sales and coupons for my “followers” as a thank-you when you receive my weekly/biweekly blog and get notice of every new pattern.   (over 90 and more coming! New ones every week or two…)

Browse the digital quilting and sewing patterns for quilts, wall hangings, throws, runners, often with 3D embellishments.  Not just quilts, but also skirts, decorated sweatshirts, platter pads, aprons, totes, appliques, and small gift items. Great instructions and diagrams are included, sometimes color charts, to make your sewing experience easier.

Just pay through Paypal (with credit card) and the digital pattern arrives later at your computer–it’s not automated, so give it some time to process, please!

Come sew and create with me.  Having a ball!

Libby Christensen of Christensen Creations

4 thoughts on “Welcome to SewGoCreate– the website for downloadable patterns!”

  1. I have seen some of your creations as a finished product and they are gorgeous. I’m looking forward to the launch of your website.
    Sak Sad

  2. I think I may have some of your original photos of Germany that I purchased at an auction from years back! I was doing some research and found an article recently published on the ECAG website. There are three of the Berlin Wall and three of Germany’s beautiful countryside. Amazing photos!!

    1. QUITE possible! I sold many photos of the Berlin Wall because I had a good friend who lived in Berlin–I visited her 5 times, some before the wall and some after it was down. I sold a lot at Ramstein Air Base when my husband and I lived in Landstuhl, Germany, in the 90’s. Later I sold a few in Tennessee and in Alabama. How exciting that you found me through the Elmore County Art Guild website. I’ve been a member for 15 years or so, also VP, Sec. and Treasurer at various times. Right now I’m concentrating on my sewing/quilting designs, but I’ve won over 60 awards for photography and recently gotten awards for photo quilts. I need to pull out some of my photos from Europe and scan them to make them digital, then figure out a good way to sell them on line. Thanks so much for the encouragement!

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