Platter pads/Applique designs

Christensen Creations “Platter Pad” is a hot pad on steroids–fully 12″ square.  With doubled cotton batting, it’s big and thick enough for a large hot dish or platter.   However, each pattern also comes with instructions to make a 10″ or 8″ hot pad as well.  Though small, these “Petites on Point”  are made exactly like miniature quilts, complete with quilting and binding.  They hang on the wall beautifully and make wonderful gifts as they are!   On the other hand, the designs can be used for quilt blocks rather than hot pads.

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Yum! Whether you like to bake or not, you’ll love making this tasty pumpkin pie–or make it custard or even key lime if you prefer. Christensen Creations designed a simple “Slice of Pie” applique that could be used as a quilt block includes instructions to make a big platter pad–hot pad in choice of sizes.

#CC2025 “Slice of Pie” Platter Pad or Quilt Block Click for more info or to buy.

“Slice of Pie” cc 2025
(looks like this one is pumpkin!)

When the weather begins to cool and the leaves begin to turn, we know what time it is: “Pumpkin Time.” Piece a tiny pumpkin quilt on this double-batted pad, which doubles as a huge hot pad, perfect for a platter or big bowl on Thanksgiving! Great instructions and color diagrams make it easy.

#CC2024 “Pumpkin Time Platter Pad or Quilt Block Click for more info or to buy.

“Pumpkin Time” cc2024

Everyone likes butterflies, right? This Christensen CreationsButterfly Silhouettes” pattern gives you two ways to piece them. Make cute Platter Pads or use them for quilt blocks–instructions include three sizes, and they are so easy! Made of simple squares and rectangles, they are great for a beginner or just for someone who wants a quick project.

#CC2023 “Butterfly Silhouettes Platter Pad or Quilt Block Click for more info or to buy.

“Butterfly Silhouettes” cc2023

Not only for Easter, this “Christ Cross” by Christensen Creations proclaims your faith every day–on the table as you give thanks or on the wall. Platter pads are beautiful as well as useful. See it in the photo below. (The butterfly is simply stitched in place.)

#CC2022 “Christ Cross Platter Pad or Quilt Block Click for more info or to buy.

“Christ Cross” cc 2022

#CC2021 “Autumn Maple Platter Pad or Quilt Block Click for more info or to buy.

Who doesn’t love maple–as sugar, syrup or the gorgeously colored leaves of autumn? In a few hours, make this Christensen Creations Autumn Maple” as an 8″, 10″ or 12″ hot pad or quilt block. Beautiful for the fall, wonderful as a gift, or stunning on your Thanksgiving table, it’s a simple winner.

“Autumn Maple” cc2021

This “Schooner or Later” applique was designed for this special totebag, but it can stand alone as a 12 1/2″ quilt block (finishing at 12″). It’s a beautiful schooner skipping along the waves. All the templates are included. While shown as a machine applique, 1/4″ can be added to make it a hand applique. Hand- or machine-embroider the masts and ropes and maybe add a teeny flag (cut from a printed fabric). Use it in a quilt or on a sweatshirt or even as part of a bigger picture for a wall hanging. Full detailed instructions are included for the totebag as well.

#CC2208 “Schooner or Later” 12-inch Applique or Totebag

Click for more info or to buy.

“Schooner or Later” 12-inch Applique and Totebag cc2208

We’re fighting Covid 19 together with leadership from our government. Here’s a little tribute to our local “County Courthouse.” It’s a special Platter Pad with a courthouse applique–nice for a government worker or use it as part of an “Our Town” quilt. If you prefer, you can pretend it’s the Jefferson Memorial!

#CC2016 County Courthouse Platter Pad Click for more info or to buy.

“County Courthouse” cc2016

It’s a snow day! Whether at Christmas or February, a few snowflakes add a shimmer of light to the landscape. Hang up this decorative Christensen Creations mini-quilt or use it as a big hot pad. This bias tape “Snowflake” is easy to make for yourself or for a gift. Instructions included for three sizes of hot pad and binding. Just don’t freeze your fingers

#CC2019 Snowflake Platter Pad Click for more info or to buy.

“Snowflake” cc2019

How about a steaming hot cup of coffee? If that sounds good, you will really enjoy making this quick appliqueed Christensen Creations Platter Pad of “Hot Coffee.” Besides coming with directions for three sizes of hot pads, it also makes a great quilt block. Imagine 3 rows of 4 12″blocks for a cute wall hanging. You surely know someone who’d love it!

#CC2018 Hot Coffee Platter Pad Click for more info or to buy.

“Hot Coffee” cc2018

Have a Jolly Holly Christmas–just add this great “3D Jolly Holly Applique Embellishment” to a quilt or piece of clothing. Christensen Creations makes it easy with templates and instructions.

#CC2205 3D Jolly Holly Applique Click for more info or to buy.

“3D Jolly Holly Applique” cc2205

If this Christensen Creations design looks familiar, you may work for a cat!  This hot pad/wall hanging always gets a chuckle!

#CC2010 Demanding Cat Platter Pad Click for more info or to buy.

“Demanding Cat” cc2010

Not a platter pad–this 3D rose is designed as a quilt block or little wall hanging.   Just imagine a quilt made of every color of rose!   Christensen Creations instructions show step-by-step how to easily fold and roll “Origami Rose.”  This stunning appliqué can also be used on clothing as a beautiful embellishment, giving you roses all year. 

#CC1002 Origami Rose 3D Appliqué   Click for more info or to buy.

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“Origami Rose” cc1002

So easy to make, but it’s practical, patriotic, and pretty.  Christensen Creations Platter Pad patterns come with full instructions, including how to bind.  This is a wonderful starter quilt as well as a practical accessory or gift.   Obviously perfect for July 4th!

#CC2017 Patriotic Platter Pad    Click for more info or to buy.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Patriotic-Platter-Pad-2017-by-LJ-Christensen-1024x1024.jpg
“Patriotic Platter Pad” cc2017

Surely any teacher would appreciate this precious little quilt that doubles as a Platter Pad.  “The Little Red Schoolhouse” (below) pattern includes templates for the appliqué, which is easy to make by following Christensen Creations directions.  Make one or make a dozen for teacher gifts!

#CC2005 Little Red Schoolhouse    Click for more info or to buy.

“Little Red Schoolhouse” cc2005

Use old-fashioned “yo-yos” to make this colorful “Happy to Gladiolus” Platter Pad (below).  The 3D flowers will appeal to everyone, but are easy to make by following Christensen Creations diagrams.

#CC2012 Happy to Gladiolus    Click for more info or to buy.

2012 Happy to Gladiolus by LJ Christensen
“Happy to Gladiolus” cc2012

Make an easy bias tape basket filled with colorful Easter eggs, perfect for the Easter table.  “Easter Egg Basket” (below) can be made big enough for a platter of ham.  The Christensen Creations pattern includes lots of diagrams with the directions to make it just like a miniature quilt, in a choice of three sizes.

#CC2003 Easter Basket Platter Pad    Click for more info or to buy.

Easter Basket 2003 by LJ Christensen
“Easter Egg Basket” cc2003

Take me out to the ballll…game and get me a hot dog!   “Hot (Diggity?) Dog Pad” Platter Pad (below) is a a weiner dog with his head turned, licking the mustard off the bun.  Easy-to-follow Christensen Creations templates for appliqué and instructions for piecing and binding.  Cutest gift for a softball or hot dog fan!

#CC2009 Hot Dog Pad     Click for more info or to buy.

“Hot Dog Pad”  cc 2009

“Lovely Butterfly” Platter Pad (below) is a simple appliquéed butterfly in an exquisite print.

#CC2001 Lovely Butterfly     Click for more info or to buy.

Lovely Butterfly by LJ Christensen 2018 doc
“Lovely Butterfly” cc2001

“Charming Chapel” Platter Pad (below) is perfect for a church potluck or wedding gift.  This little appliquéed chapel has windows out of a colorful geometrical print. 

#CC2002 Charming Chapel     Click for more info or to buy.

Charming Chapel 2002 doc
“Charming Chapel” cc2002

“No Trouble with Trebles” Platter Pad (below) is a clever gift for a musician with its large appliquéed treble clef.

#CC2004 No Trouble with Trebles     Click for more info or to buy.

No Trouble with TREBLES 2004 doc
“No Trouble with Trebles” cc2004

“Sunset on the Square” Platter Pad (below) is pieced, simply using gorgeous fabric to create the mountain design.

#CC2006 Sunset on the Square     Click for more info or to buy.

SUNSET on the Square 2006 doc
“Sunset on the Square” cc2006

“Steeping Teapot” Platter Pad (below) will delight tea drinkers.  The appliquéed teapot even has a swirl of quilted steam escaping.

#CC2007 Steeping Teapot     Click for more info or to buy.

Steeping Teapot 2007 doc
“Steeping Teapot” cc2009

“Cute Fruit Basket” Platter Pad (below) uses bias tape to create a basket for the appliquéed fruit. 

#CC2011 Cute Fruit Basket     Click for more info or to buy.

“Cute Fruit Basket” cc2011

“When Autumn Leaves Start to Fall” Platter Pad (below) is, of course, perfect in the autumn with its simple pieced leaves and quilted veins.

#CC 2013 When Autumn Leaves Start to Fall     Click for more info or to buy.

When AUTUMN Leaves 2013 doc
“When Autumn Leaves Start to Fall” cc2013

“Easy as Pie” Platter Pad (below) is indeed easily made with bias tape and rickrack.  “Bake” a blueberry or cherry–your choice!

#CC 2014 Easy as Pie Platter Pad    Click for more info or to buy.

Easy as PIE hot pad by Libby Christensen doc
“Easy as Pie” cc2014

“Terrified Turkey” Platter Pad (below) is an homage to the “Where’s the Beef” TV commercial some of us grew up with.  Unlike the Presidential turkeys, he was NOT pardoned, so he’s terrified while everyone else is looking forward to Thanksgiving, but since no one wants to eat cotton stuffing, his only problem is working a lovely trivet for a big platter or bowl on the Thanksgiving table. (He wants desperately to run away and go home with you!)

#CC2015 Terrified Turkey  Click for more info or to buy.

Terrified Turkey by LJ Christensen
“Terrified Turkey” cc2015

“Santa Belt Belly” Platter Pad (below) is a really simple design to show Santa having a little problem in the chimney.

#CC2008 Santa Belt Belly Platter Pad  Click for more information or to buy

Santa Belt Belly by LJ Christensen
“Santa Belt Belly” cc2008

Christensen Creations’ “Simply Sweet Heart” Platter Pad (below) is a simple and sweet valentine that works as a usable hot pad because the lace and batting are cotton .   It’s easy for a beginner in appliqué because the heart is simply zigzagged on, then covered by the lace, which is already bound with a bias tape. For a man, bias tape could be substituted, and the optional embroidery wording can, of course, be personalized, such as “Sweetheart,” “We love you, Grandma” or “Be Mine.”

#CC2016 Simply Sweet Heart  Click for more information or to buy.

Simply Sweet Heart by LJ Christensen
“Simply Sweet Heart,” cc2016

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