Decor: Hangings /Runners

GIFT BOXES TABLE RUNNER–Put your Christmas gifts right on the table! Such a cute table runner that comes with instructions for 4 table lengths. It’s also quilt-as-you-go and has instructions for fast embellishment with ribbons and bows. Also great for wedding, birthdays or anniversaries. Uses fat quarters! #CC2408 “Gift Boxes Quilt-as-You-Go Table Runner” To order

HOLLY BERRIES quick TABLE RUNNER–Let the fabric shine! Add some quick holly and yoyo berries for interest. ROUNDING the corners is not hard. #CC2406Holly Berries Table RunnerTo order

GLAD BUNDLE SPECIAL–A bundle of gladiolus patterns that includes “Bundle of Blossoms” quilt, two versions of a wall hanging, a sweatshirt jacket that can be made for ANY size, and a huge 12″ hot pad OR 12″ quilt block. #CC3000 “GLAD bundle


CELEBRATE AND DECORATE--A classic country star runner with measurements/directions for three different lengths to suit your table and time allotment. #CC2407 Running with the StarsTo order

Make in 3 different lengths

Click arrow to run video

PATRIOTIC PLACEMATS AND RUNNER–USA Flags for July 4, Memorial Day, Flag Day, Veterans Day or maybe every day. Lengthen the runner by adding extra flags. #CC2401 Flag ’em Down for Dinner Runner or Placemats More info

Runner, placemats or both

FLAG HANGING–My first published pattern because everyone wanted to know how I made the folded 3-D squares. Simple diagrams and a lot of cutting, but it’s really not hard. (Won a 1st place in Ala National Fair!) #CC1001 “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” 3D Folded Log Cabin Flag

Folded 3-D log cabin blocks

WALL GLADIOLA–Grow some glads using old-fashioned yo-yos. Glads come in all colors, but the grid shows exactly how to size and space them as well as how to make them and the 3-D butterfly! #CC2100 Glad- Not Nana’s Yoyos More info

Add handmade yoyos

PAPER-PIECED CHALLENGE HANGING-Challenge 1--can you make it a “charm” quilt like this with every fabric different (even the muslins!)? Challenge 2–sorry, but it’s difficult to match the corners on the kites because they are at an angle. Paper-pieced in long strips with 3-D, padded appliques on top. Lots of instructions! (Won a 1st Place at Alabama National Fair) #CC2104 Kite Charmer: Sleeping on a Cloud More info

MARBLES WALL HANGING–Make this artistic wall hanging with or without the jaw-dropping 3D fabric marbles. Detailed instructions and many colored diagrams and photos show you how, including how to sew a mitered border. (Won a 2nd Place at Elmore County Art Guild Show) #CC2109 “Playing with Marbles: OOPS! One Escaped” More info

The one that escaped is rolling up, out of bounds!

LOG CABIN HEART–Don’t wear your heart on your sleeve–place it on a wall hanging! Using simple paper-pieced blocks, use up some scraps with this colorful 24″ wall hanging. (It took 2nd place in the Alabama National Fair.) #CC2108 Love in Little Log Cabin More info

HYDRANGEA HANGING–Many many little pieces-NOT a quickie!!! However, the colors are beautiful. This one is arranged from blue to pink, but the blocks can be in any order. Larger squares make a nice throw. #CC2105 Hydrangea Block Wall Hanging or Lap Quilt More info

EASTER HANGING –Piece a cross in a field of watercolor flowers, complete with a 3D drape you can change from purple to white for Easter.  This design can use jelly roll strips, scraps, florals or simply pastels.  The instructions show exactly how to place the color and make the folded inner border as well as binding and 3-D touches. #CC2107 Leading to Easter More info

CROSS WITH 3-D FLOWER–Simple pieced cross with a stunning flower. It looks much harder than it is. Full directions and diagrams guide you. #CC2103 “Risen” 3D Wall Hanging (Jelly Roll friendly!) More info

HALLOWEEN HANGING/LAP QUILT–Hang some jack-o-lanterns on your wall for the spooky season. These spooks are cute, though, complete with smiles and even a few gold teeth–Don’t freak out over the button spider! #CC2313 Jackson-O-Lantern Five Lap Quilt (or hanging) More info

HALLOWEEN RUNNER–Not scary, just beautiful pumpkins! Easy piecing and good directions, including how to make the pointed binding. The colors capture the season and 3 lengths are available. #CC2403 Great Pumpkins: Runner in 3 Sizes Jelly Roll friendly! More info

AUTUMN LEAVES RUNNER–Made just like the pumpkins above, including 3 sizes, but this runner has beautiful pieced autumn leaves. (I made these two back-to-back with careful quilting.) #CC2402 Running to Fall: Runner in 3 sizes Scrap-happy and Jelly Roll Friendly More info

Pieced leaves with satin-stitched veins

SIMPLE AUTUMN RUNNER–Do you have leaves for your table–not for the length, but for decoration? A fall print does most of the work; just 1/2 yd of print makes a 65″-68″ runner with one leaf on each edge, but it can be shortened or lengthened. #CC2405 Maple Sugar Table Runner More info

AUBURN FLAG/LAP QUILT–Look at this cute Tiger Flag! “Stripped down to the basics,” it’s a breeze to make with simple piecing. Follow the colored diagrams, including binding and loops. #CC2320 Auburn Tiger Flag More info

Hang it or use as a small lap quilt

U of ALABAMA FLAG/LAP QUILT–Here’s the arch enemy of Auburn! An Elephant Flag wall hanging in crimson and white. Easy to hang with three loops or use it as a lap quilt. #CC2321 Alabama Elephant Flag More info

MOUNTAIN HANGING–Just follow the colored grid to piece the rows and recreate this simple sunset picture. (Please do a better job than I did of the quilting, though. I should have run all stitching the same direction and used a walking foot–oops! Let’s just say that the wind was blowing.) Still a pretty picture because of the gorgeous fabrics! #CC2101 Mt. Sunset Wall Hanging More info

My inspiration was living in Montana

TWISTED LOG CABIN–In Alabama, we sometimes get strong wind and even nasty tornadoes like the one that ran through my town, Wetumpka (of HGTV Town Takeover Fame). So I call this “Wicked Twister”–however, it’d also be a cool coiled snake! Use this as a hanging or a block for a larger quilt. (Paper-pieced corners). #CC2102 Wicked Twister Wall Hanging More info

Black for a tornado, but it could be a snake!

Yoyos make great berries!

SNOW HANGING–It doesn’t snow much here in Southern Alabama, so I had to make my own snow. The batik made a perfect backdrop for these BIAS TAPE snowflakes! Directions include measurements for spacing. #CC2106Snowfall” Simple Wall Hanging More info

HOLIDAY RUNNER–Celebrate Christmas or any holiday with this ornamental runner. Pick fabric that looks like wrapping paper and “pack” the boxes with ribbons for a festive look. #2404 Glitzy Gift Boxes Runner More info

Use for birthdays, anniversaries or holidays