Quilts: Big and Medium

Save your summer flowers with this stunning “Bundle of Blossoms” pattern created by Christensen Creations in collaboration with www.thefabrichut.com It’s about 42″x58″, crib size or throw size. Though it looks complex, it’s surprisingly made with just two blocks. The fabric used is the “Telas Bundle” of “fat fifths” from thefabrichut.com though other fabric could be substituted.

Bundle of Blossoms cc2324

AND with it is attached a pattern that uses the leftover scraps beautifully.

Glad to Have Scraps

When you order the first pattern, the 2nd is attached. BEWARE–it’s 17 pages of colored diagrams. This makes it EASY to follow the complex 27 colors, but takes a lot of paper and color ink! #CC2324  Bundle of Blossoms TO BUY

For just the wall hanging go to Decor: Hangings /Runners – SewGoCreate to see “Glad Not Your Nana’s Yoyos.” It’s a little bigger because it’s not adapted to fat fifths and leftovers.

TRIBUTE TO TIM BURTON–This super-easy Christensen Creations “Check out Burton’s Whirl” borrows his signature whirls and checks for a striking quilt design.  #CC2325 Check out Burton’s Whirl    TO BUY

PATRIOTIC..or NOT–Below is a queen-sized quilt that uses just one simple Christensen Creations “Pocket Lozenge” block, an elongated snowball, which forms little 3D pinwheel folded pockets on the corners.  Instructions include a throw size and varied piecing designs.  #CC2301  Salute the Colors Throw or Quilt    TO BUY

SAME BLOCK as above— The Christensen Creations “Pocket Lozenge” block also makes a great scrap quilt, using both large and small scraps. This one is called particular quilt is named “Moody Blues” from pattern #CC 2311 Pocket Lozenge Throw TO BUY

Use up scraps!

BATIK BUTTERFLIES–The beautiful butterflies on this throw are made separately and tucked into seams. It’s a challenge to make but such a fabulous project when finished! #CC2319 3D Butterflies Fly Free Throw


READY FOR A VACATION?–Made with a couple packs of jelly roll strips in vibrant Caribbean aquas, this stunning little quilt is quite easy. Just be sure label the cuts!! #CC2317 V is for Vacation: Caribbean Cruise TO BUY

V for Vacation or for Victory

PATRIOTIC DECOR–Designed originally for a General’s wife, the matching throw and easy pillow (below) display your patriotism. The 5-point stars use the Christensen Creations modified prairie points and some string piecing. Not hard! #CC1007 Stars and Strips Forever Throw and Pillow TO BUY

SEW A PICTURE–Sew together all square blocks, following a colored grid like cross-stitch to recreate this stunning throw. Instructions include small border and binding. #CC1019 Great Bunches of Grapes #CC1019 TO BUY

Follow a colored grid

BIG LITTLE LOG CABIN–Have a vacation in this snug Log Cabin quilt. Zip up the big blocks in a jiffy and experiment with wooden planks, weeds, grass, pines, sky and pebbled paths just for fun! Instructions for different sizes. #CC2305 Log Cabin in the Pines bed quilt–double, xlong double, twin, or queen. TO BUY

Directions for multiple sizes.

CHILD PROJECT– Super project for or with a kid, this 4×5 ft quilt is made of big blocks with simple variations just screaming with possibilities for creativity.  Is it a monster, an alien, a leprechaun?  How many eyes and horns?  How about 3D eyelids and 3D teeth with sharp edges? #CC2300 My Little Monster    TO BUY

Wild Child??

EASY TRIANGLESThe quilt below was designed as a queen-size, but the inner medallion is sized perfectly for a throw.  With just two sizes of triangles, the quilt can be cut with a normal rotary ruler. #CC2300 Try a Triangular Medallion Throw or Quilt   TO BUY

USE a BORDER PRINT–A way to use big triangles in a throw, this little quilt is made with soft colors to let the border print sing. Quick to make! #CC2316 “Pieceful” Border Path Throw TO BUY

SOFT THANKSGIVING COLORS–Avoid the neon orange and make a soft version of the Horn of Plenty. Simple blocks, but the colors and quilting make it clear. #CC2322 Give Thanks Throw TO BUY

Give thanks for your own Horn of Plenty

TRADITIONAL BLOCKS–Made in blocks and colors that resemble the famous British Wedgewood pattern, this little quilt has some folded corners for texture. #CC2307 Wedgewood Plates Throw TO BUY

SALUTE OUR VETS–The generous 54″ square throw below has a subtle purple heart in the center as a tribute to our military. It could look totally different for a little girl in pinks, though. Primarily squares and jelly roll friendly. #CC230 Check Out My Purple Heart Throw TO BUY

Fairly easy because it’s mainly squares

SIMPLE BARGELLO THROW–A good starter bargello, made from strips. Just cut and move them to make the pattern, this one in shades of mulberry. #CC2308 Mulberry Fields Forever TO BUY

Easy wavy meadows

STRIP-PIECED QUILTSewn in red and white, this is a lovely throw (about 44″ x 58″) for Christmas, but it’s also perfect for team colors.  Clear directions for the unusual binding. #CC1018 Peppermint Pinwheel Twist  TO BUY

Cute Pinwheels–use any contrast colors

CHRISTMAS or ALL YEAR–Sing “Joy to the World” in musical notes with a really easy keyboard construction,using bias tape and tubular bias. Add 3D holly for Christmas or omit it for just a music quilt. Detailed instructions! #CC1015 Joy to the World   TO BUY

REAL music!

PHOTO SCRAP QUILT–Just stack the scraps and applique the curves in place with a rickrack trim–follow the diagrams. Bias binding makes the curved binding easy to handle. Fill the sides with photos and/or signatures for a great memory quilt. #CC1024 Curve Appeal  TO BUY

Great GROUP or FAMILY photo quilt

VALENTINE QUILT–Designed for a man, this quilt could easily made up in pinks for a more feminine approach.  It’s a nice size for a lap quilt (just under 45″ wide) or could be hung.  #CC1022 Chains of Love    TO BUY