Large quilts

Christensen Creations has only recently acquired a quilting machine, so the number of large quilts is limited for now, but several more are in progress.   The downloadable patterns are clear and easy to follow with many diagrams, including how to bind.  Many are versatile with measurements for different sizes.  Some have 3D details.

Salute the Colors Throw or Quilt” (see above and details below)–A queen-sized quilt that can be altered to any size, it features just one simple Christensen Creations “Pocket Lozenge” block, an elongated snowball, which forms little 3D pinwheel folded pockets on the corners.  Instructions include a throw size and varied piecing designs.  (Photos below show optional quilting.)

#CC2301  Salute the Colors Throw or Quilt     Click for more info or to buy.

Salute the Colors flags and stars doc
“Salute the Colors” cc2301 can be made in any size


Salute the Colors flag and stars closeup doc
“Salute the Colors” cc2301 has a nice area for showing off quilting

“Try a Triangular Medallion Throw or Quilt(below)–was originally designed as a queen-size, but the inner medallion is sized perfectly for a throw.  Easy to make with with just two sizes of triangles, the quilt can be cut with a normal rotary ruler.

#CC2300 Try a Triangular Medallion Throw or Quilt     Click for more info or to buy.

Try a
“Try a Triangular Medallion” cc 2300
“Try a Triangular Medallion” cc 2300  The medallion makes a quick throw.