Throws/Baby quilts

Christensen Creations “throws” are about 40″-44″ across, using just one length backing, and 50″- 60″ long.  Like afghans, they are perfect to throw over a chair or couch.   “Lap quilts” are smaller.

The Christensen Creations downloadable patterns have clear instructions, diagrams and charts, and the throws/lap quilts and baby quilts are small enough to quilt on a regular sewing machine  Some come with matching pillow patterns.  Others can be resized as full-sized quilts.  Great Bunches of Grapes,” in the featured photo above, for instance, is made of simple squares.  Changing the size of squares changes the size of the quilt.

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The sweetest quilt for a little girl! Have you ever seen a quilt with a ruffle? Christensen Creations directions show you with photos and diagrams exactly how to do it –or how omit the ruffle and bind if you have a little boy who has your love. Just two simple blocks that are versatile and could also be used for larger quilt. This is a keeper!

CC2323 Hearts for the Sweet Click for more info or to buy.

Hearts for the Sweet cc2323

Sometimes we need to stop the negative vibes in the world and give thanks for what we DO have. This horn of plenty design by Christensen Creations is a throw perfect for the autumn season. Easy to make, it uses lots of scraps and simple squares/rectangles for piecing.

#CC2322 Give Thanks Throw Click for more info or to buy.

Give Thanks Throw cc2322

Are you or a family member a University of Alabama fan? If so, here’s a perfect little project. Use this small Alabama Elephant flag quilt as a lap quilt or wall hanging. It’s quick to make, but will be a huge hit!

#CC2321 Alabama Flag Lap Quilt Click for more info or to buy.

Alabama Elephant on Flag Lap Quilt cc2321

OK, if not an ALABAMA FAN, what about AUBURN? Here in Alabama, it’s usually one or the other! Roll Tide–no? Then how about War Eagle? Here’s the opposing Auburn Tiger Flag Lap Quilt. Equally easy to make and a great gift for a fan! I’m not taking sides, but you can!

#CC2320 Auburn Tiger Flag Lap Quilt Click for more info or to buy.

Auburn Tiger on Flag Lap Quilt cc2320

Fly into your stash to find some wonderful batiks or prints or even solids to make these stunning 3D butterflies. Combining piecing and applique, Christensen Creations shows you clearly with diagrams, photos, and instructions a novel way to tuck them right into this throw. Your friends will be amazed!

#CC2319 3D Butterflies Fly Free Click for more info or to buy.

This baby print is so cute, but you don’t want to cut up the babies, do you? That can be a problem with so many novelty prints. “Nursery Windows” by Christensen Creations comes to the rescue with large 8″x 5 1/2″ blocks. Made easily like a simple log cabin, it can be pieced quickly.

#CC2318 Nursery Windows Click for more info or to buy.

Top corner of “Nursery Windows” cc2318

Someday we may get to go on a cruise , but in the meantime, we can dream with this dreamy “V is for Vacation: Caribbean Cruise” throw by Christensen Creations. It’s easy to make, using jelly roll packets, and gorgeous in these cool and breezy water-toned teals.

#CC2317 V is for Vacation: Caribbean Cruise Click for more info or to buy.

Close-up of “V is for Vacation: Caribbean Cruise” cc2317

In contrast to the border quilt in the section below, Christensen Creations created a quiet, subtle, almost monochromatic throw (longer than the lap quilt) in soft golden beiges and tans, but it, too, uses border print. Put together with large triangles resembling mosaics, it’s reminiscent of a tranquil garden pathway.

#CC2316 “Pieceful” Border Path Throw Click for more info or to buy.

“‘Pieceful’ Border Path” cc2316

If you’re needing something pretty and pretty quick as well, this simple lap quilt makes great use of a printed border pattern. Pick your colors from the flowers or other pattern for the stripes. It’s called “Winter Border Garden” by Christensen Creations because the background of the sample is black, but you can choose lighter colors or whatever colors your printed border calls for.

#CC2315 Winter Border Garden Lap Quilt Click for more info or to buy.

“Winter Border Garden” cc2315

How cool is this? “Snow Crystal” by Christensen Creations is a huge snowflake that’s actually warm! Such a pretty lap quilt or perfect for a winter baby, it’s made of simple squares and rectangles with a few folded triangles to give it some texture.

#CC2314 Snow Crystal Lap Quilt or Baby Quilt Click for more info or to buy.

“Snow Crystal” Lap Quilt cc2314

Carve out a few jack-o-lanterns for a cozy seasonal lap quilt. This cute “Jackson-O-Lantern Five” family by Christensen Creations is a cast of lively characters–Mom, Dad, and three kiddos (or maybe two and a dog–only YOU know for sure!) All squares and half-square triangles make it easy, as do the many grids, graphs and photos. This is sure to become a family heirloom used every year!

#CC2313 Jackson-O-Lantern Five lap quilt or hanging Click for more info or to buy.

Closeup of “Jackson-O-Lantern Five” cc2313

Get scrap-happy with the throw (40″x 55″) below. It uses scraps beautifully as it’s made with both big rectangles and small squares. Christensen Creations’ “Pocket Lozenge” block is a variation of the “snowball,” twice as wide, with 3D folded pocket corners. Simple block, but a lovely design.

#CC2311 Pocket Lozenge (one-block) Throw  Click for more info or to buy.

“Pocket Lozenge Throw” cc2311

All the kids get Easter baskets, right? Even the toddlers. Well, how about one for Baby! What fun this “Baby Basket-Weave” is to make! Use jelly roll strips or your own to make tubes, turn with batting inside, weave and sew them together for the “quilting.” Ta da! Done and ready to bind and so cute. Could be done with brights or scraps, too, and a great way to use up the batting edges off the quilts. Great instructions by Christensen Creations make it a cinch to construct even though it’s unusual.

“Baby Basket-Weave Blanket” cc2310

#CC2310 Baby Basket-Weave Blanket  Click for more info or to buy.

Check Out My Purple Heart,” a generous 54″ throw with a big heart and X’s and O’s, sends love to anyone. The sample was made of subtle berry shades, but it could be bright pink and purple just as easily. It’s even jelly roll friendly (use grape jelly for a purple heart!!) Simple checkerboard piecing with extremely clear instructions to make the “X” blocks makes this an easy project by Christensen Creations.

#CC2309 Check Out My Purple Heart Throw  Click for more info or to buy.

Close-up of “Check Out My Purple Heart” cc2309

Truly versatile and easy to make with new cuts, scraps or jelly roll strips, this bargello throw (40″x 60″) called “Mulberry Fields Forever” is designed in yummy shades of mulberry/cranberry/grape (instead of the “Strawberry Fields Forever” by The Beatles). Instructions include a 40″x 40″ lap quilt version as well. As pretty as the mulberry shades are, it’s really great in many different color ranges–suit yourself!

#CC2308 Mulberry Fields Forever   Click for more info or to buy.

“Mulberry Fields Forever” cc2308 used as a couch throw

Can you make china out of fabric? You can if you try this “Wedgwood Plates” pattern by Christensen Creations. Just twelve blocks make a lovely blue and white throw with optional folded half-square triangles. Simple to make with full instructions for constructing and binding and jelly-roll friendly!

#CC2307 Wedgwood Plates   Click for more info or to buy.

Close-up of “Wedgwood Plates” cc2307

This quilted throw by Christensen Creations sings “Joy to the World” in musical notes with a really easy keyboard construction along the edge. Use bias tape and tubular bias to make it. Add 3D holly for an additional Christmas touch or omit it for just a music quilt. Lots of detailed instructions!

#CC1015 Joy to the World   Click for more info or to buy.

“Joy to the World” cc1015

Use scraps and vibrant colors to make this memory throw with definite “Curve Appeal.” Just applique the curves in place and trim with rickrack–so easy to follow the Christensen Creations colored diagrams. Bias binding makes the curved binding easy to handle.

NOTE: What a wonderful gift for Grandma or best friend or woman’s group. Make it for a daughter to take to college, using scraps of her favorite clothes and pictures of her wearing them. The one in the photo was made for a Curves exercise group. Add relevant photos and signatures for a once-in-a lifetime gift!

#CC1024 Curve Appeal  Click for more info or to buy.

“Curve Appeal” cc1024

A very portable quilt, this efficiently designed curved lap quilt by Christensen Creations is just the ticket to take to the stadium. Use team colors to make this outstanding pinwheel design. Two sizes make it even more customizable for friends and family. Put each family member’s favorite “Team on a Lap.” Clear quick directions with good diagrams show you how to cut the pieces and make the curve very easily.

NOTE: The two samples pictured were donated to Wetumpka Area Chamber of Commerce for a silent auction. You can’t donate Auburn without donating University of Alabama!

#CC2306 Team on a Lap Quilt   Click for more info or to buy.

Close-up of “Team on a Lap Quilt” (Auburn colors) cc2306

A great choice for a baby gift, “Baby Butter Mints” (below) in pastels with a cotton flannel backing is warm and sweet.  Christensen Creations also includes eight suggested color combinations to make it as an adult or teen throw.  Wrap someone in love!

#CC2303 Baby Butter Mints   Click for more info or to buy.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Baby-Buttermints-flannel-back.-by-LJ-Christensen-1024x675.jpg
“Baby Butter Mints” cc2303

Do you a big stash?  If so, this scrappy quilt is for you.   Do you NOT have a big stash?  No problem, this darling “Bouncing Ball” quilt has special instructions for using fat quarters.  Christensen Creations also includes a simple version and a more complex one, depending on your ability and desire.  The balls are really striking, especially when padded.

This one was made with lots of yellows and pinks for a little girl, but it could easily be done in mints and blues or bright colors for a boy.  Just pick background colors that really contrast with the ball fabric.

#CC2304 Bouncing Ball    Click for more info or to buy.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Bouncing-Ball-cc-2304-detailsby-LJ-Christensen.jpg
‘Bouncing Ball Bay Quilt” with padded balls CC2304

The patriotic throw and pillow (below), “Stars and Strips Forever,” are  great focus pieces for a room.  In any color and pattern, the Christensen Creations‘ “Modified 60° Prairie Points” make unusual 3D star points.  The diagrams make them very easy, and the star could be used on other quilts or even a sweatshirt.  The pillow cover slips on with absolutely no hand-sewing necessary.

This pattern took 1st place three times at the Alabama National Fair in different years and different fabrics.  One of those times the pillow took a 2nd as well as a 1st when a workshop student entered HER pillow!  It has been a big hit with military wives, but imagine it with red/white stripes, green in place of navy and gold stars for Christmas, another wonderful look.

#CC1007 Stars and Strips Forever    Click for more info or to buy.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Stars-Strips-by-LJ-Christensen.jpg
“Stars and Strips Forever” throw and pillow cc1007

Do you know a “Wild Child”?  Super project for a kid or gift for a kid, “My Little Monster” (below) by Christensen Creations is made of big blocks with a couple simple variations, but it’s screaming with possibilities for creativity.  Is it a monster, an alien, a leprechaun?  How many eyes and horns?  How about 3D eyelids and 3D teeth with sharp edges?  About 4×5 ft., it’s a comfortable size for a throw, but could be used as a large wall hanging.

This one was stippled in bright variegated thread with child-like hairy zigzags on the body.  Make the head or neck wider, change the mouth, change the number of eyes, horns and teeth.  So much fun for a little designer (or maybe a big one–just saying!)

#CC2300 My Little Monster    Click for more info or to buy.

cc2300 My Little Monster by LJ Christensen
“My Little Monster” cc2300

Great for a beginning quilter or someone who needs a quick design, “Sweetheart Squaredance” (below) by Christensen Creations (about 44-45″ square) is a perfect gift for a little sweet heart.  With just 25 pieces, it’s quick to sew and leaves lots of space for personalized embroidery, such as name and birth date.  The ruffle is charming addition but optional, as instructions for a binding are also included.

#CC1021 Sweetheart Squaredance    Click for more info or to buy.

Sweetheart Squaredance by LJ Christensen
“Sweetheart Squaredance” cc1021

This baby quilt below (42″x54″), called “Goodnight Moon…and Stars”  is an homage to the precious bedtime story by Margaret Wise Brown, Goodnight Moon (pub. 1947), that speaks to and about the moon.  The appliqué templates are included, along with instructions for making Christensen Creations’Modified 60-degree Prairie Points,” which give 3D texture.  The black background may be too stark a choice for some, but it can easily be replaced with blue or turquoise and framed with a border that matches the nursery prints and colors.

#CC1025 Goodnight Moon…and Stars     Click for more info or to buy.

Goodnight Moon & Stars by LJ Christense comp
“Goodnight Moon…and Stars” cc 1025

“Chains of Love” (below) is unusual valentine quilt by Christensen Creations, designed for a man, but easily made up in pinks for a more feminine approach.  It’s a nice size for a lap quilt (just under 45″ wide) or could be hung.  Someone will love this heartfelt gift!

#CC1022 Chains of Love      Click for more info or to buy.

“Chains of Love” cc1022

“Stacked Baby Blocks” is a small (under 45″ square) quilt-as-you-go baby quilt, designed by Christensen Creations (below) to be extremely quick and easy by simply folding and seaming.  It also offers a cute way to frame embroidery or interesting blocks.  

#CC1012 Stacked Baby Blocks     Click for more info or to buy.

Stacked Baby Blocks by LJ Christensen
“Stacked Baby Blocks” cc1012

“Great Bunches of Grapes” is made with just one block size.  Following a colored grid like a cross-stitch, it’s easy to recreate the design for this beautiful throw (about 44″ x 58″).  Use smaller blocks to make it into a wall hanging!

#CC1019 Great Bunches of Grapes     Click for more info or to buy.

Grapes by LJ Christensen
“Great Bunches of Grapes” cc1019

Christensen Creations’ “Peppermint Pinwheel Twist” is made quickly and easily, using strip piecing.   Sewn in red and white, it’s a lovely throw (about 44″ x 58″) for Christmas, but it’s also perfect for team colors.  Two contrasting colors look great.

#CC1018 Peppermint Pinwheel Twist  Click for more info or to buy.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Peppermint-Pinwheels-Twist-by-LJ-Christensen-1-825x1024.jpg
“Peppermint Pinwheel Twist” cc1018
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