Baby/Lap quilts

NEW in Sept!!!–This cat-on-a-lap quilt/throw can be sitting on YOUR lap very easily!

#CC2326 The Cat in the Moon   To Buy

Tim Burton’s Graphic Designs–This lap quilt/throw is perfect for the “modernist.” It translates director Tim Burton’s art into a striking quilt, one that is extremely fast and easy. #CC2325 Check Out Burton’s Whirl   To Buy

HOMAGE to the BOOK–The prize-winning baby quilt below (42″x54″) is an homage to the precious bedtime story by Margaret Wise Brown, Goodnight Moon (pub. 1947). Appliqué templates are included, along with instructions for making Christensen Creations’Modified 60-degree Prairie Points.” If black is too stark, use a blue sky! #CC1025 Goodnight Moon…and Stars To Buy

“WINDOW” QUILT–When you have a baby print so cute that you don’t want to cut it up, this is the perfect pattern. The large 8″x 5 1/2″ blocks are easily made like a simple log cabin. #CC2318 Nursery Windows To Buy

CHALLENGING SCRAP QUILT–Use scraps or fat quarters to make this baby quilt. Instructions include plain or padded balls. #CC2304 Bouncing Ball    To Buy

Fun but challenging piecing

BORDER PATTERN–The simple square lap quilt (below) makes great use of a printed border pattern. Pick your colors from the flowers or other pattern for the stripes. It could easily be a table topper or a baby quilt, too. #CC2315 Winter Border Garden Lap Quilt To Buy

One corner shows the border and stripes.

SWEETHEART QUILT–The sweetest quilt for a little girl! Just two blocks and ruffle-or omit the ruffle and bind if you have a little boy who has your love. Lots of photos and diagrams. CC2323 Hearts for the Sweet To Buy

BABY QUILT… or NOT –In pastels with a cotton flannelette backing, this is a warm and sweet baby quilt.  However, the pattern also includes eight suggested color combinations to make it as an adult or teen throw.  Wrap someone in love! #CC2303 Baby Butter Mints   To Buy

Sew together different sizes of strips

ELEPHANT FLAG–Are you or a family member a University of Alabama fan? If so, use this flag quilt as a small lap quilt or wall hanging. #CC2321 Alabama Flag Lap Quilt To Buy

Roll Tide!

TIGER FLAG–OK, if not an ALABAMA FAN, what about AUBURN? Here’s the opposing Auburn Tiger. Equally easy to make and a great gift for a fan! WAR EAGLE!!! #CC2320 Auburn Tiger Flag Lap Quilt To Buy

Auburn Tiger

PORTABLE STADIUM QUILT–NEITHER ALABAMA NOR AUBURN? OK, choose your OWN team colors for this efficiently designed curved lap quilt. Diagrams show you how to cut the pieces and make the curve very easily. #CC2306 Team on a Lap Quilt   info

Curve sits easily on a big or small lapt

HAPPY HALLOWEEN–Carve out a few jack-o-lanterns for a cozy seasonal lap quilt. All squares and half-square triangles make it easy to include Mom, Dad and 3 kiddos, as do the many grids, graphs and photos. (DON’T HAVE 3 KIDS? No problem–one might be the dog!) #CC2313 Jackson-O-Lantern Five lap quilt or hanging To Buy

“BASKET” QUILT!–Use jelly roll strips or strips from scraps to make tubes, turn with batting inside, weave and sew them together for the “quilting.” Ta da! Done and ready to bind and so cute! (Great way to use up the batting edges off the quilts.) #CC2310 Baby Basket-Weave Blanket  To Buy

Woven like a basket (or old-fashioned hot pad!)

QUILT AS YOU GO–Just layer square backing, batting, then seam and fold each section of the top.   It’s a cute way to frame embroidery or interesting blocks for a baby. #CC1012 Stacked Baby Blocks   To Buy

ALABAMA SNOW–Because this square throw is reminiscent of an ice crystal, you can use sparkly fabrics! Fancy design, but several blocks are repeated. Diagrams keep you organized. Good winter baby quilt, too! #CC2314 Snow Crystal Lap Quilt To Buy

QUICK TO PIECE–Just 25 pieces, so it’s quick and leaves lots of space for personalized embroidery, such as name and birth date.  The ruffle is charming addition but optional, as instructions for a binding are also included. #CC1021 Sweetheart Squaredance    To Buy

Simple but sweet–add your OWN embroidery