Almost Christmas–SEW exciting!

I love Christmas!  Besides the general hustle and bustle and trimming the tree, I really love collecting and especially making presents.  I generally have to start early, but there are always a few left to rush at the last minute, which adds to the excitement. 

I added a couple patterns this week. The “Sunflower Power” pattern is quite dramatic with its 3D folded petals and leaves but honestly quite quick for a gift.  Most of the Platter Pads are quick, too, and won’t be found anywhere else!   Another great gift in the “Ironing Board Saddlebags”–even those who don’t SEW may actually iron.  (Not me.)  However, I hear some people do, and it’s a quick gift.

The “Fleece as White as Snow–or Not” just added last week turns a red sweatshirt of ANY size into a Santa jacket very quickly.  It’s so cute for children or maybe fun-loving adults.  The back has an appliqué for a juggling snowman, which could be used on the front of a sweatshirt, too,  It’s a versatile pattern and just as appropriate to wear in Jan. and Feb. snow as at Christmastime.  I’ve even made a black one with leopard fleece for a teen who’s too cool to look like Santa.

I’m very close to uploading a denim “Snow Family” skirt.  I have a very unusual way to sew a skirt for ANY size, with a drawstring or elastic waist and fun appliqués that can be used many ways.   Look for it this weekend.  It’s darling with boots and you’ll get lots of attention for your “wearable art.”   

I’ve just extended the 2018go coupon code, so please share my website link and the code for $3 discount with any of your friends who sew.  I’m eager to find creative sewers!


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