Do you have a little sweetheart?

February is the perfect month to make a sweet little heart quilt.  So quick to sew with only 25 pieces, this little quilt gets its charm from a border ruffle.  It also has plenty of space for embroidering name, birth date, etc.  If your sweetheart is a little BOY, it’s still a great choice because instructions include plain binding–just change to reds and blues or a “boy” print.  (If you don’t know the gender, make it yellow and mint.  Sometimes these details aren’t revealed!)

Have a wonderful February and remember that Valentine’s Day is not just about chocolate and romance.  It’s a reminder for everyone of every age to express love in some way.  Here’s a cactus photo I sold last year, called “Your Prickly Heart”:

Se 12 0412 prickly heart doc

Doesn’t it make you wonder who bought that?  and for whom?  and the story behind it?

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