Why did Washington cut down the cherry tree?

To get the cherries for a cherry pie, of course!!  You don’t have to cut down a tree, though.  You don’t even have to bake.  You can SEW the most delicious cherry pie EVER!!  “Easy as Pie” #CC2014 downloadable pie pattern for a 12″ Platter (hot) Pad  is on sale for $1.50 through February.   HAPPY PRESIDENTS’ DAY!

Cherry Pie by LJ Christensen

Click here to take a peek on line!  What makes this so easy is that the pie is just two pieces, plus tea-dyed bias tapes and rickrack.  Doesn’t it look yummy? No cherries required, and it’s sugar-free!

Here’s the Tip:  just make up a big pot of strong, hot tea and let the white bias tape and rickrack soak.   Tip 2:  Use iron-on fusible tape to hold the pieces in place until they are  sewn.

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