“Take me out to the balllll….game”

…and buy me a hot dog or two!  Hot diggity dog!  This new Christensen Creations pattern is on sale just $1.50 for the next month–right in time for the beginning of baseball season.  What a bargain and what a cute gift!  This “Hot Dog Pad” is a miniature quilt, doubling as a Platter Pad, coming in  3 sizes, with the huge 12″ (footlong hot dog?) perfect for a platter or big hot dish.   The cute little weiner dog has his head turned and is licking off the mustard.  Click here for more info:


My family had a dachshund named Putzie (pronounced like POOT—apt!), who might have eaten mustard if slathered on meat.  He once ate strawberries, I know, because we used them to coax him to jump through the hula hoop.  He was no runt, but one of the BIGGEST, strongest dachshunds I’ve ever seen, and man, his hind legs were strong.  He loved to take a flying leap into my bed, stretch out crosswise, and push ME out!  He also had a strong tail, thank goodness.  He rode in the car draped around my mother’s neck like a shawl, and she tells how one time he tried to jump out, but she caught him by the tail and reeled him back in.  To me, though, the cutest time was when we had rescued a robin.  That robin liked to eat dog food and was known to jump on Putzie’s back and ride around, most annoying to the dog, but the robin was surely giggling about it.

I don’t have any hot dog photos to share and alas, none of my dog from decades ago, so I’ll settle for  mustard-color flowers.  Happy beginning of spring!  Here in Alabama, it’s about time to put out petunias.   These are from the famous Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs at the foot of Pike’s Peak.


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