If you didn’t do taxes until the last minute, then…

…you, like me, may need a little shut-eye!   Honestly, doing the business taxes wouldn’t be all that bad except for the inventory, which took hours and hours and caused me to lose lots of sleep, meaning I needed some afternoon naps, for sure!  So here’s my contribution in honor of taxes–a Christensen Creations “iComforter” (the word iPad was taken).  It’s a cute little quilted eye mask from 1 pattern piece. using  barely 1/8 yd of fabric and a scrap of batting.  WHAT a wonderful little gift and so quick!  On sale the rest of the month for just a buckClick here for more info:


Speaking of shut-eye…or not reminds me of the moon.  I got some more moon photos the other day when the Super Moon was shining.  So beautiful!  (OK, I doctored up the purple one…hmmm, maybe a bargello quilt idea?)

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