Your mother would love this!

It might be a bit late to start this for Mother’s Day, but there’s always a birthday. Besides, you may want this prize-winning spring jacket for yourself! The 3D gladiolus appliques are set into flower pot pockets. Lots of steps, but none are hard. I always provide lots of diagrams and instructions. Th secret to the flowers is YOYO! Yep, Grandma’s yoyos stepped up a notch!

Click here to check out the pattern, on sale for $3.50 until the end of May:

Glad Jacket cc2202 by LJ Christensen

While we’re on the subject of Mother’s Day, I want to thank my late mother for the gift of sewing. She had me doing lace-up books at age 3, sewing little doll dresses at 5, embroidering at 7, and sewing my clothes at 12 so that by 16 I was making prom dresses and lined suits. She was always there to help, but she made me learn to do it myself. I am so grateful. Thanks, Mama.

Mary Jacobs with new sewing machine ca. 1950
Mary Jacobs wearing a top she made in front of her oil painting–in her 80’s.

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