Are you a pickpocket?

If not, you should be! Get this wonderfully customizable “Pick a Pocket”book pattern–pick the pocket you want (zipper, phone, key holder loop), the color, the size, and the style. Quilters will love that it has “jelly roll friendly” 2 1/2″ block graphs, but that’s a choice as well. (I’ve made it of decorating toile.)

“Pick a Pocket”book cc1026 by LJ Christensen, size medium

I chose this pattern to put on sale until Aug. 18 because I had so much interest in the Rainbow Totebag last week. This purse is made much the same way except that the lining is attached a bit differently. If you can sew, you can make it. In fact, you can make it in a dozen colors, plain or pieced.

Here are some suggestions to consider for creativity:

  1. Rob your button box. The button on front is decorative only. It’s a great way to use an antique or really “arty” button.
  2. Speaking of buttons….you can embroider a circle by handle or by machine and make it into a covered button!
  3. Speaking of embroidery…there’s a space on the quilted version left especially for monograms; however, a beautiful embroidery design would be perfect there as well.
  4. Show off your quilting. If you want to use a fancy quilted block or maybe an “orphan” block–this is a wonderful way to showcase it.
  5. Don’t stop with quilting cottons. While it’s darling made of novelty quilting fabrics, such as Red Hat ladies or crazy cats, truly, this purse could be done with fuzzy leopard, red velveteen, even interesting curtain or other decorator prints (if not too thick).
  6. Crazy quilting, beading, couching, rows of lace, pleating, fabric painting, piping at the top instead of a decorative fringe….I even found a fringe made of wooden beads and shells.
  7. Don’t forget that you can transfer photos to fabric–just a P.S.

The possibilities are endless. If you made something interesting, send me a photo to post!

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