Even kids have treasures!

…and they need a special pint-sized tote to carry them around. Play BALL! While this little petite totebag was inspired by my recent “Bouncing Ball” pattern for a pre-school boy, in Alabama, a lot of girls play softball. So I made a slightly larger one for big sister. Clearly, the sizes and genders could be switched, but the ball pattern is cute and not hard. It’s on sale for just $1.50 until mid-Sept. Click here for more info:

Play Ball Petite Tote cc2204

Sorry this is a bit late for the week, but it has 24 diagrams, mostly color, that were a little more challenging than usual, so the design process got bogged down.

….and then there was the excitement of a new foundation going in for the Sewgocreate Christensen Creations Sewing Studio. That’s a big YEA! Now we’re waiting for the framer to free up…but the economy is so good that he’s up to his ears building houses. I don’t know whether to be mad, sad or glad…but it isn’t that bad. Right? At least we’re one step further. Here’s the latest:

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