A Tisket, a Tasket…

Wait, I said that LAST week with the basket-woven baby blanket, “Baby Basket-Weave Blanket” pattern, which is STILL on sale for just $3.50. However, let’s not forget the Mama Bunny. All the kids get baskets–shouldn’t Mama Bunny get one, too? It’s the perfect Easter decoration for the kitchen or little gift for the hostess of the big meal (do you eat ham? or do you go out and brave the crowds?)

AND if you don’t celebrate Easter or don’t care to have eggs on your walls, just fill it with appliqueed flowers. Back floral print fabric with paper-backed fusible web, fussy-cut out the flowers, iron them down and satin-stitch around them. How easy is that? The basket, made from bias tape, gets sewn right on top (or let the flowers/leaves peek out the edges).

On sale for a month for just $1.50, click here for more info.

“Easter Egg Basket” cc2003 by LJ Christensen

I DO have some new photos, though–same Platter Pad basket, but now filled with flowers instead of eggs!

Easter FLOWER Basket I by LJ Christensen
Easter FLOWER Basket 2 by LJ Christensen

For the two above, I made my OWN bias tape and used florals from a couple different print to match the colors in the small print border.

In case you’re wondering why I don’t have a NEW pattern this week, I have a good excuse. I spent the week editing a central Alabama art news magazine for The Kelly art organization. I’m on the board and editor of the magazine, so I was super busy. The Kelly (if you’re curious)

However, I PROMISE a new pattern next week because it’s already pieced. It’s similar to “Risen,” which I’m also putting on sale for the season, but the background is watercolor piecing. Click here for “Risen.”

“Risen” cc2103 by LJ Christensen

I have the new watercolor version more than half done and the pattern more than half done. In fact, I’ll share it with you here in miniature.

“Leading to Easter” by LJ Christensen

Above is the basic pattern, very simple, but I have some 3D elements in mind that I’ll be adding. So come back next week. I’m aiming for a week from Sunday but not holding my breath.

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