Nascar, anyone?

I’ve created the perfect face mask for Nascar lovers:

“Five Easy Pieces” Face Masks–CHECKS cc2207 by LJ Christensen

While I was designing, I also created a simple “Team Colors” one:

Sorry, Alabama fans, but these colors were handy. Pick your own!

For Jelly Roll aficionadas (yes, that’s the female version!), I came up with the simplest way to use leftover Jelly Roll strips.

See? Leftovers from my Baby Basket Weave Blanket!
Yes, that’s a lavender castle in the background ready to be quilted and ready to have a pattern written up…soon.

Especially for traditional quilters, I added an “Extended Nine-Patch,” which was really fun to plan out, using all kinds of scraps:

“Five Easy Pieces” Face Masks–Extended Nine-Patch cc2207 by LJ Christensen

For those like me who LOVE batiks and bright colors, there’s an “Elongated Log Cabin”:

Elongated Log Cabin–top in a traditional 2-color diagonal, bottom in just scraps by LJ Christensen

All of the designs had to be widened or elongated to accommodate the pleats, but I’ve done all the heavy lifting with the measurements and made them easy. If you want a plain mask, I recommend going to for free instructions. But if you are tired of the same old, same old, for just $3.50 (on sale for six weeks), you can get my five patterns! Click here to order.

Some face mask Q and A:

Will masks save us from Covid 19? Maybe, but viriuses are itty bitty teeny tiny ultramicroscopic and can still slip in around the edges or through the weave.

Are they helpful? Sure, if nothing else, they help remind us not to touch our faces, and they help defend us from coughers and wheezers and sneezers.

Why are they pleated? Two reasons–1) Pleating provides multiple layers right at our nose and mouth for more protection and 2) it allows them to flex over the bumps on our face, namely nose and chin!

Do they need a wire? Not necessarily, but I add a hidden twist tie, which is just the right size to curve over the nose for a tighter seal. Soft, pliable plastic-coated picture frame wire works well, too.

What is the added “filter”? It’s just one more layer, this time made of NON-woven fabric. I use thin cotton batting in mine (a natural fiber like cotton is apparently better at “catching” the little beasties). However, a piece of interfacing would also be OK. Some people have even recommended paper towels. I prefer a washable mask and filter, though.

OK, I’m wearing mine, and I can assure you that it’s a lot more fun to wear cute ones! Get yours made!

Libby in leopard (the hydrangea quilt behind me needs to be quilted…soon!)
Libby modeling an Elongated Log Cabin cc2207

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