Time to go somewhere….

…ANYWHERE! You still may not want to go too far afield, so don’t pack a suitcase–just take your new fabulous tote! Truly a winner, this tote is chock full of optional pockets–zippered, patch, bottle and even has a keyholder (or maskholder) hook. The best part is that it’s made from scraps! Just use twenty 2 1/2″ strips or a jelly roll to make all of it–front, interior, handles and even pockets.

Jelly Roll Pieced Tote cc2209 interior
Jelly Roll Pieced Tote interior and cc2207 mask
Zippered pocket of Jelly Roll Tote by LJ Christensen

To encourage a little toting–I’m tempting you with ALL tote patterns on sale this month, not just this one. If you search a bit, you’ll find gym bags made from towels, a potential beach bag, a baby bag, and even child-sized totes. Maybe it’s time to start sewing for Christmas!

I’ve had it with the staycation. Nice for a while, but I’m rarin’ to go. I’ve had two knee replacements this summer, which I’ll blame for my lack of blogging. Really, though, I’ve been obsessed with mask-making and fallen behind on quilts. However, even those are a bit obsessive. The most recent one I’m working on is called “Alabama Bending the Covid Curve”:

Alabama Bending the Covid Curve by LJ Christensen

Yes, indeed, it has real masks plastered all over it (in tone-on-tone whites/muslins) to go with the Alabama crimson and white colors. And yes, it’s wrinkled because it hasn’t been quilted yet. The good news is that I’ve recently upgraded my quilting machine, so as soon as my knees allow, I’ll be tending to that detail!

My new favorite wall hanging is a 3D douzie! For an art show, I decided to build a stiff wall around the coronovirus! I did so, using stiff muslin, stiff interfacing and a layer of fusible fleece, plus a LOT of tiny individual bricks. The virus is stuffed, too! This one was really fun to make (if, admittedly, a bit tedious!)

Building the Wall by LJ Christensen
Building the Wall Closeup by LJ Christensen

So what else is new? I actually am moving my quilt samples to be sold in a booth in Market Shoppes in downtown Wetumpka, Alabama. There’s going to be a BIG fall festival day there on Nov. 7, so if you’re local, you might want to check it out. (I’ll be bringing my Banana Slush Punch and some delicious chocolate brownie/cakes.) I’ve almost closed down on mask-making, but I’ve switched to scrunchies for using up scraps. Also, I’ve been working on crossbody Boutique Bags–I expect to have several patterns soon. I have a new Cotton Pod block for a quilt in process, plus some fall items, such as a “Jackson-o-Lantern Five.” I’ve just been lollygagging a bit about getting the patterns out. They are definitely coming, though! I promise! Keep tuned!

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