Alabama Snow seems to be…

non-existent this year. Of course, there’s always February, but since it was nearly 70 degrees today (Jan. 26), I’m not holding my breath. So I did what I invariably do each year–made my OWN snow!

This time I actually got a lap quilt made. I really want to dig into more quilts, but life has been hectic for me, even after Christmas. This one was really fun. I got to use some sparkly accent fabric. As usual with my patterns, it’s mainly straightforward squares and rectangles with a few folded triangles for a little texture. It’s even jelly-roll friendly. “Snow Crystal” was designed as a 43″ square lap quilt, but it’d also be a wonderful winter baby quilt! The pattern is on sale for just $3.50 through the end of the month. Move quickly to get it before it melts! Click here

“Snow Crystal” cc2314 by LJ Christensen

The reason I’ve been so tied up since Christmas is that Christensen Creations is sponsoring and loaning about 40 pieces to a special “Home and Hearth” art exhibition. The Kelly Fitzpatrick Memorial Gallery in Wetumpka, Alabama, has over 100 stunning pieces of needlework on display: quilts (antique and new), clothing (adult and children), embroidery, hand-sewing, needlepoint, knitting, crocheting, crewelwork, even some hem-stitching and weaving. It’s an amazing exhibit that will be up through April 28. Here are a few of the items I loaned them:

“Soaring over the Mountains” 1st place in Make-a-Man-a-Vest National Contest by LJ Christensen
“Purple Reigned” wall hanging honoring Prince by LJ Christensen
“Rainbow Castle” single bed quilt by LJ Christensen
Prize-winning teeny miniature quilts by LJ Christensen

To see this exhibit, you can enter any weekday through the Chamber of Commerce door. We expect to have a guide there on Thursday and Friday afternoons and possibly Saturdays. To bring a small group, you can also call the Curator, Carol Hickman, at 391-5090, and she will arrange for someone to meet you, even on the weekend. However, we also have an 11-page guidebook with photos that gives details on every item. If you are local, you really should make the effort to see this wonderful needle-friendly exhibit. Needlework is often overlooked as a form of art, but not this time!

PS The castle is coming soon as a pattern…I’m not promising next week, but hopefully, I’ll get to it sometime in February.

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    1. Thanks, Kathy! It’s prettier in person because the pale blue has sparkles. I put it up for sale in Market Shoppes, a Wetumpka boutique.

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