Spring sprang and Easter…

is nigh! There is still time to make up this quick “Christ Cross” Platter Pad for Easter dinner. So simple and a beautiful way to proclaim your faith! We need renewal, spring, flowers and lots of faith this time of year. The winter and Covid concerns have bogged us down and been depressing for many, but we can now see the light in so many ways. This pattern is on sale for just $1.50 until Easter, and I’ve selected some other Easter patterns to put on sale as well. To buy, click here.

“Christ Cross” cc2022 by LJ Christensen

Another Easter icon is the Easter basket:

“Easter Egg Basket” cc2003 by LJC

I’ve made this same basket with fussy-cut flowers instead of eggs:

“Easter Basket” with flowers cc2003 by LJC

This “Charming Chapel” is, like the flower basket above, not only for Easter, but it does have a spring feel with the colorful stained glass, which is simply a printed fabric.

“Charming Chapel” cc2002 by LJC

I have patterns for other crosses if you are ready for a larger project. Below is “Risen”cc2103 with a beautiful 3D flower. It uses a jelly roll for the lovely corals.

“Risen” cc 2103 by LJC

A great pattern for trying “watercolor piecing,” this is “Leading to Easter.” Change the drape to purple on Easter Sunday.

“Leading to Easter” cc21o7 by LJC

….and finally a “basket” for baby! It’s not really a basket, but it IS woven–yes, like those stretchy hot pads we used to make! Baby Basket-Weave Blanket

“Baby Basket-Weave Blanket” cc2310 by LJC

I wish you a Happy Easter, hoping the bunny hops into your house, and I hope these patterns inspire you to start some spring thinking! (no, I did NOT say CLEANING!!!)

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