Welcome back, Nascar!!

Did y’all know Talladega is just 45 minutes or so from my home in Wetumpka? I hear there are a LOT of supporters, though I have to admit I’ve never been to a race myself. However, I did have a little brother who was really enamored of fast cars. If you have family members who like cars, they’ll love this twin-sized quilt called “Fast Track,” complete with 3D race cars. They are attached by sewing through the window and the buttons on the hubcaps (though you could attach with Velcro if you think they wouldn’t be lost!)

In honor of Nascar’s restart–they’re expecting about 30,000 in the stands–I am putting this pattern on sale for a week. Click here.

“Fast Track”CC2312 by LJ Christensen

I made four cars, but you can make a whole fleet if you want. Layer them with poly fleece or cotton batting (2 layers fabric, batting/fleece on bottom), sew all the way around, trim down seam. Make a slit in the middle of top fabric and turn. Whip up the slit and put that side down where it’ll never be seen. Applique a window with zigzag stitch, then anchor it to the quilt with a regular stitch. Make the tires the same way, then sew the buttons on through the tires and quilt, too. It’s 3D, but it won’t move! (except when you go “RRR RRR!and dream!)

“Fast Track” simple race car by LJ Christensen

In honor of Nascar, I’ll also put my mask pattern on indefinite sale for just $1. For the black/white one. I adjusted the squares to stay square despite the pleats. The other four mask patterns are also included. I know you probably have a zillion masks by now, but sometimes it’s nice to have a new one. These are made with quilting scraps and 2 1/2″ strip leftovers. I also use a 3″x5″ piece of cotton batting inside for the filter. Click here!

“Five Easy Pieces”CC 2207 pieced face masks by LJ Christensen

If you have kids or grand-kids who play with cars, they also might like balls, right? Here in Alabama, the girls play a lot of softball! My pattern “Play Ball” for pint-sized totes is also on sale this week. Click here!

“Play Ball” Petite Totes CC2204 by LJ Christensen

I have 2-3 more patterns in process right now, so by next week I hope to have something new to publish. Keep following! THANKS!

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