Take time to remember…

to bless our vets on Memorial Day and on to July 4! As an Air Force wife, I’ve been designing “patriotica” for a long time. It stirs my heart.

Whether big or small, I have a lot of projects you can choose from. Use US2021 to get any pattern for half price.

Below is “Stars and Strips Forever”–make the throw or pillow or both.

How’s this for a patriotic runner or placemats? Make it longer if you choose.

This fun quilt has a a little 3D star, almost like a little pinwheel, on the corners. Shown here as a queen quilt, it’s really versatile and can be made any size. ONE block!

Salute the Colors
by LJ Christensen

One day I decided to try making 3D, layered Log Cabin blocks and ended up designing a quirky flag.

It’s not hard. You cut bunches of strip pieces, fold and press them, then layer. Sew each layer, then baste and trim. It’s so thick that you don’t need to quilt it; however, the seam trimming helps keep the bulk out of the seams.

3D Log Cabin block

Happy Memorial Day, but stop to remember those who died for our freedom and those who have served. It’s not always easy for them or their families. God bless them and our country.

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    1. I just found this comment from a couple months ago. I don’t know what you were trying to do. Did you order the pattern? I had some glitches where my website was updated around that time, and it’s possible your order was missed by mistake. I’ll investigate. So sorry. I’m not sure what the “country star” is–it’s not the name of one of my pattern. Let me see what I can find–Libby Christensen

    2. Mary Jo, I have no record at all of an order or payment from you. You cannot download a pattern unless you put it in your cart and pay through PayPal. When the order is processed, it’s then available as a link on your account. I’m sorry if there was a misunderstanding or a glitch. Try again–any problems send to me personally a libbychr@yahoo.com

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