Talladega Nights? or Daytona Days?

“Fast Track” is a single bed quilt pattern, complete with a track and 3D race cars, surrounded with black and white checks. Download it to your computer. Great directions!

If you or your family are fans, you will love this single bed quilt pattern. In honor of Daytona, I’ve put it on sale for about a week until the end of February.

“Fast Track” Twin Bed Quilt #CC2312 – SewGoCreate

“Fast Track” is actually FAST because it sews up fast. The squares are big, and the race track bigger yet. (HINT–those cute squares on the binding are simply check fabric.) I found it at Hobby Lobby, but you can “check” the internet or just use a solid color.

Faux-pieced binding
Close-up of the “track”

Yes, you COULD velcro on the cars, but I figured they might get lost, leaving a scratchy piece of velcro. I made them 3D by just adding a layer of batting, slitting open on the back to turn them. The windshields are fused on, then satin-stitched on right through the quilt to hold them on, along with the buttons sewn through to hold the tires down. Clever 3D look, but they don’t move except by imagination. You could embroider or use a permanent market to add a special number….just an idea for fans!

Close-up of a car

Almost all boys, big as well as small, would love this quilt. Good for a dorm room, or extra quilt for a couch sleeper, maybe? Quick! Make someone happy! Get the pattern for just $3.00 this week.

Fast Track cc2312 by LJ Christensen

So, what do you think of it? Leave a reply!

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