and it’ll be recorded for later viewing. Just join the Facebook group www.thefabrichut.com, which is a great group with quilters from all over the world. You can find several of my videos posted.

TODAY is the “Hearts for the Sweet” quilt #CC2323, but I tweaked it to use thefabrichut.coms special “fat fifths.” However it’s almost identical to the pattern on sewgocreate.com website, which has normal fabric sizing.

It’s a sweet baby quilt with optional ruffle and pieced hearts as we say good-bye to February.

Heart centers are great for embroidery.

The special “fat fifths” from www.thefabrichut.com are perfect for piecing.

Whether you buy the pattern or watch the video, I give you detailed instructions on adding the ruffle. Lot of diagrams and photos in the pattern!

I won’t see you, but I hope you see me!

Always having fun, Libby

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