What do you call a baby elephant?

………………………………….cute!! Except for THIS one, which I call “Baby Bargello-phant” because it has an easy bargello-style background.

Now WHY would you want an elephant? For a cute baby quilt, of course. And if you happen to know a University of Alabama fan, you just might end up knowing a Bama Baby!

The original pattern was designed www.thefabrichut.com using their bundle of red and white print fat fifths (on sale now) and matching red 63″-wide cotton (#FF2327), but I ALSO reconfigured all the measurements to work with fat quarters and 43-44″-wide fabric (#CC2328).

TheFabricHut.com version is posted on Facebook page of TheFabricHut.com, which is hosting my FACEBOOK LIVE MAY 10, 2023, at 5 p.m. demo!! Just join the group and watch live or the recording late. I have other recordings there as well!

The regular version of the pattern is now available on sewgocreate.com for just $3 until the end of May 2023!! Get it before it goes up!

Both patterns have explicit directions for how to strip-cut and loop rows in the bargello method. Here’s a typical bargello quilt:

“Mulberry Fields Forever” #CC2308 also available

“Bargello” speeds up the piecing of the top 3 and bottom 2 rows around the elephant. The center rows are worked column-by-column with all squares and rectangles-very basic piecing. (By the way, the elephant’s little 8″x8″ “blanket” would be a great place to embroider a name.)

Perfect little quilt for a baby or toddler boy, but could be done in pinks and yellow with floral background for a darling little girl. Do you have a baby in your future? Bama or otherwise??

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