Carving a spider?

Why not have a spider jack-o-lantern for Halloween?

Why not have a spider jack-o-lantern for Halloween? I promise there’s plenty of time, even at the last minute. Using bias tape for the web and legs speeds up this wall hanging. It’d also be really cute on a sweatshirt or Halloween bag if you know a little Spiderman! On sale for just $1.50 this week–don’t let it climb away up the waterspout. Click here

Halloweensie-Weensie Spider by LJ Christensen

Don’t look for my pics of spiders–that’s not going to happen. I do have some lizards, bees, and once got a dragonfly, but spiders at MY house get squished.

However, I want to praise Bias Tape. What was used in this project was the double-folded type for the web, pressed open for the legs. It’s also used to make quick hanging loops. I use it for music lines, too, and piano keys. It’d make good stems for flowers, and because it’s bias (“bias” tape, get it?), you can curve it by steaming and pressing. I’ve even printed names and/or sizes on white and attached it as clothing tags. Hmm, how about vinyl siding or roofing? I’ve used it for window sills on house appliques.

So, I salute my friend, Mr. Tape, who comes in many colors and is occasionally on sale…and don’t forget that the bias tape makers come in many sizes. Basically, they hold the strip in proper folds as you iron it. I’ve made my own many time to get the precise color or even print that I want. Homemade or store-bought, it’s a good friend.