Didja lie?

Did July creep up on us? Yes, it did!!! (OK, apology for the pun I borrowed from a Judge Mathis commercial…but it fit so well!) I can’t believe it’s July tomorrow. In my bones, I feel like it’s still April. I’m still in a Twilight Zone, making face masks as hard and fast as I can, and I have to admit to no new patterns at the moment.

However, in honor of the season, I’ve decided to put all my USA/flag patterns on sale HALF-PRICE until July 5. That’s just one week, so grab them fast. Even if you’re not celebrating THIS year, you may want to get a jump on next. Here is the selection:

Click here for Flag ’em Down for Dinner
multi-size runner and/or placemats

Click here for US Cooks Apron and 3 hot pads
Click for JUST the Patriotic Platter Pad

My Country ’tis of Thee 3D folded log cabin flag

Annoyed because however you may like the design, you’re stuck at home with no red, white or blue star fabric? I understand your pain. The next two patterns honestly look great in many different colors and patterns, so you can use your stash! The star pillow below doesn’t even take that much and can be made a COVER for a pre-existing pillow!

Stars and Strips Forever 1007

This last one is EXTREMELY VERSATILE and can be made of any colors, including lots of big and small scraps–a nice way to clean out your sewing room!

Salute the Colors (but you can use ANY colors!) in ANY size

I’m not sure the word “happy” is operative this year, but I wish you a healthy holiday with hope for the future.

Never forget…

that freedom isn’t free. I offer this pattern on sale as a tribute to those who gave their lives. It’s a small and easy wall hanging even though it looks complex; the pieces are simply folded and layered. It’d be an awesome gift for Father’s Day for a vet. Click here for more info:

“My Country ’tis of Thee” cc1001
by LJ Christensen

I get a little sad when people say “Happy Memorial Day” as if it’s a holiday. It’s not. It’s a day dedicated to the remembrance of our soldiers and airmen who didn’t get the opportunity to come home. May the Lord bless them and keep them. This heart-breaking memorial statue in front of the old train station in downtown Montgomery, Alabama, says it all.

“No One Left Behind”
by LJ Christensen