Are Your Closets Bulging?

Do you need to straighten and organize?  I do…well, I DID in my virtual closet.  I’ve just uploaded the cutest little  Christensen Creations 3D wall hanging.  It’s only 12″ and easy to make but will be a showstopper, so check it out!  It’s on sale for a couple weeks, and don’t forget that 2018go is a $3.00 coupon good until the end of February.

Quilts detail UP
The Quilts in my Cupboard

Here’s a peek, but go to the link for more info.  Click here.

I’d love to be all organized like this, but my fabric and quilts seem to move around from pile to pile.  I recently was thinking it might be a good idea to at least organize on-going project materials into plastic bins.  Anyone have better ideas?

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