Anyone for a cuppa?

When my husband and I lived in England, we soon learned that if we ordered “tea,” it would automatically be HOT (the opposite of here in the South).  The next question is whether you want a cuppa or a pot (a pot coming with a plethora of tea bags that can be revived with steaming hot water whenever you ask).  Of course, ideally, it comes with scones, clotted cream and jam.  Now THAT’s a treat!

Short of visiting an English tea room, in cold weather, there’s nothing so soothing as a pot of tea.  Check out Christensen Creations’ sweet and simple 12″ Steeping Teapot “Platter Pad” pattern for making a nice trivet to go under that pot.  You could even use the appliqué on a matching towel–great gift idea!


Click here for more info.

This pattern will be on sale  for just $1.50 until the end of January, and 2018go coupon code still gives $3.00 off.

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