Do you make your own valentines?

If so, you may be a quilter. Today I’m uploading a masculine version of black and deep reds made originally with my son in mind.  “Chains of Love” could easily could be switched to pinks for a mother or grandmother, though, and the hearts make it a perfect valentine.  It’ll be on sale for $1.50 through Feb. 14, the big day! Hurry to get started (even if it doesn’t get finished until next year–ha!)    Click here for a quick peek.

Chains peek

“Chains of Love” bind us all:  family, friends and even communities. I dedicate this pattern to Wetumpka, Alabama, where I’ve lived for over 20 years.  As if having a heart attack, we were hit in the heart of our downtown this past weekend with a sudden, destructive tornado.  We lost two churches, dozens of homes and cars, and 100s of trees.  We survived, though, with few injuries and no fatalities, for which we’re very grateful.  Furthermore, I heard there were 700 local volunteers helping with the clean-up. Thank you, thank you, thank you, and thank you all for the prayers and good wishes.  Here are photos I took today of Wetumpka, before and after.

Wetumpka Winter Warmth tm doc.jpg
“Wetumpka Winter Warmth,” copyright 2013 by LJ Christensen


church & bridge-cr-by-LJ-Christensen comp



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