Would You Like a Little Green?

GREEN MONSTER, that is!  “My Little Monster” is the latest Christensen Creation.  Is he a monster, an alien, or even maybe a leprechaun for St. Patrick’s Day?  Who knows–it’s up to the designer, and if you know a “Wild Child,” you know there are those out there who will relish making the head or neck wider, choosing number of horns, eyes, teeth, and funky skin color.  This 4’x5′ quilt is so easy and perfect for a child or even as a child’s first quilt project because it’s easy with really good instructions, diagrams and a colored grid to follow.  It’s on sale for $3.50 until the end of March.

For more info, click here:
cc2300 My Little Monster by LJ Christensen
Sewing tip–for funky quilts, quilt in variegated thread.  I confess to using cheap serger thread for this one.  It works!  I did simple child-like zigzags for the “hairy” skin.  Hey, you gotta let loose sometimes!

Since the subject is green aliens…or whatever, what do you think of THIS one I found?

“Alien” by LJ Christensen, 2018


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