My Little Monster #CC2300


“My Little Monster” is a 4×5 ft. throw featuring the face of an alien or monster for a child or for a child to sew or help create; it’s very simple with big pieces.


What a GREAT project for a kids’ summer sewing camp!  “My Little Monster” is easy with big blocks, lots of flexibility (in number of important things like skin, eyes, horns and teeth), and a wonderful way to use funky prints and scraps.  The Christensen Creations instructions are full of diagrams and details instructions on how to butt seams, edgestitch, baste, make a tube, etc.   There is colored grid to follow as well.  Mainly one square block with a couple very easy variations, leading to 3D embellishments.  Even for advanced sewers, this is also a wonderful gift for a little guy (or gal)!


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