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this throw and pillow pattern, “Stars and Strips Forever,” makes a bold statement. Made with Christensen Creations‘ unusual 60-degree folded “Modified Prairie Points,” the star points are layered and partially left unsewn on the edges for a bit of 3D texture. Easy strip-piecing–this is really not a difficult pattern. Can you just imagine it draped in a sun room when the family comes on July 4th? Check it out–just $5 on sale until mid-June. Click here for more info.

Stars and Strips Forever by LJ Christensen

I’ve seen people turn away from a quilt pattern because they didn’t like the colors of the sample. This is a good time to point out how differently a pattern can be made up. One of the biggest joys of quilting is playing with fabrics to choose your own custom combination. The one below is the same pillow done in upholstery velvet, with a focus of a big cabbage rose instead of string-pieced prints and cream piping in the seam. Now imagine it with a blue background and a blue/yellow flower….or go totally off the rails with a neon orange and yellow solid star on a gray background for a super-modern room. The combinations are endless.

Stars and Strips–Floral by LJ Christensen

The following one was made up from a starry Christmas print with accent of a heavy cotton braid. A simple star looked best against the busy print. However, it’s easy to also imagine red and white (or cream) stripes, pine green squares and gold stars for yet another Christmas look. Christmas in June? Why not? I’m working on some Christmas presents myself….better now than panicking at the last minute…though I can testify that this pillow goes up VERY quickly! Good gift!

Stars and Strips Forever–Christmas by LJ Christensen

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