Summer breezes…

…make me feel fine! That’s as long as they are not accompanied by thunderstorms and tornadoes. So breezing along, I have a special kite wall hanging this week. It’s truly not hard. You paper-piece the background kites, which are great use of scraps! Then the optional 3D elements are easy to make and quilt right on–more kites and clouds. With my knees, I could no more fly a kite than fly to the moon, but “Kite Charmer: Sleeping on a Cloud” was delightful to make (from a seated position!) The pattern’s on sale for just $3.50–11 pages of templates and detailed explanations and diagrams–through the end of June. Click here to see more.

Detail of “Kite Charmer” by LJ Christensen

Thinking about kites and especially clouds led me to look for MORE clouds. I watched my good friend Carla taking pictures of clouds today. Well, here are a few of my own:

Field Clouds by LJ Christensen
Mountain Clouds by LJ Christensen
Cloud Covers by LJ Christensen

May your clouds be made of batting and not anger! Happy summer!

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