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I’m offering a chance to get this great checkered flag pattern for a song. Can you sing “The Star-Spangled Banner” or maybe “God Bless America”? If not, it’s OK–just click on Paypal to pay a buck with a credit card, and it’s yours–“Patriotic Platter Pad” will be sent directly to your computer. This is the perfect pattern for a beginning quilter because it’s actually a mini-quilt with machine quilting and binding, but it’s quick and easy. In fact, there’s enough time to zip one up before July 4th! So get busy.

Click here for more info.

I’m always drawn to images of our flag because it’s so special and so recognizable even when it’s slightly altered like the checkerboard square here. I love that it symbolizes the union of the original 13 colonies and the current states, however dissimilar they might be.

Here are a couple local photos I’ve taken of flags that caught my eye:

Prattville Flag by LJ Christensen
Elmore County Hospital Flag
by LJ Christensen

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