Hot, hot, hot…

…right off the sewing machine. (Yes, and the weather is hot, too, here in Alabama.) This new Christensen Creations pattern uses quick and easy strip-piecing to make a great patriotic runner and/or placemats. Can’t you just see this on your picnic table for July 4? Simple enough for a beginning quilter or an advanced quilter in a hurry, there is plenty of time to finish before the 4th. Click here to check it out:

#cc2401 Flag ’em Down for Dinner” by LJ Christensen

As a military wife, I love the flag and have often made hangings, throws, and other flag motif items for other military wives. Many of us have lived in other countries where the standard of living was so much lower than the U.S. We’ve lived in countries that don’t have our freedom. When my husband went to Saudi Arabia for a year, he was glad I couldn’t go with him because I’d have to walk behind him, cover my hair and legs, and not be able to drive. Goodness, that’s hard to believe in our modern times. By now, there may be some changes in Saudi, but I have to say I am very glad I’m an American. The military is not alone, though, in loving the country and wanting to express our patriotism. I’m sure there are many quilters out there who would be proud to make this pattern. I hope so.

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