Get your TURKEY $1.50

It’s getting to be that time of year that you really NEED a turkey, either for yourself or your hostess. So gobble up this “Terrified Turkey Platter Pad.”
No whining–it doesn’t take that long to applique. Use fusible web to place the pieces, layer by layer, and a satin stitch. It isn’t rocket science. Add “Where’s the beef?” embroidery for a hoot. This huge platter pad is on sale until Thanksgiving for just $1.50, so get it while it’s hot….though cold turkey can be good, too, especially with mayonnaise and pickles. (Well, I like pickles!) For more info on the pattern, click here!

“Where’s the beef?” says this “Terrified Turkey” by LJ Christensen

Some people like to JUST use fusible web like Wonder Under. Certainly, that’s quicker. However, if you do want to wash and dry the item, I recommend making the effort to ALSO satin stitch because a hot dryer can cause a fused piece to UNfuse and lift a bit. Some tips:

  1. Take the time to pre-wash the fabrics several times if it’s an item you plan to wash. (I don’t bother with wall hangings, but hot pads are a different matter!)
  2. Better to fuse a section of fabric FIRST before cutting pieces. (It gets a much better fuse all the way to the edges–very clean.)
  3. Follow the pkg. directions–usually the iron is not supposed to be TOO hot.
  4. Let the piece cool completely before removing the backing.
  5. It’s easy to remove the backing if you “score” it slightly with a pin.
  6. For a satin stitch, adjust stitch to wide but make the stitch length very short, just not zero!
  7. Embroidery thread has a nice sheen and is usually THICKER as well.
  8. When working on smaller areas (like the feet above), reduce the stitch width.
  9. Sew SLOWLY, keeping your eye on the needle!
  10. Sew very slowly around curves, but steadily…don’t jerk (unless you want “jerk chicken,” that is!)

One more tip. What to do with leftover turkey? I know a lot of people make casseroles, but we really love Hot Browns. Look it up. It’s an open face sandwich created at the Brown Hotel in Louisville, KY. You need turkey, bacon, toast and a lovely creamy cheese sauce. YUMM!

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