Do you work for a cat?

If so, this latest design will look VERY familiar. If not, I imagine it could relate to your other family members, especially at Thanksgiving. Just give up and have a chuckle. Keep this great “Demanding Cat” Platter Pad in mind for a wonderful gift. You can easily change the cat color as required and make the pad large, medium or small size….even use the applique on a quilt block or sweatshirt! On sale for $1.50 until Christmas! Have a happy holiday!

Click here for more info and cats of many colors.

“Demanding Cat Platter Pad” cc2010 by LJ Christensen

I can’t say I have many photos of cats–What can I say? I grew up in a dog family!–however, here are a couple:

“Raggedy Cat” by LJ Christensen
“Lazy Cat” by LJ Christensen

and my favorite:

“CAT is ART” by LJ Christensen

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