Thanksgiving over, and it’s suddenly time to start a rush on Christmas presents! No snow here, but it’s certainly moving around other parts of the country. This is not a new pattern, but it’s worth featuring again because it’s so very cute for a child of any age and size–“With Fleece as White as Snow…or NOT.” I guarantee there are some 39+ persons who’d like it, too.

Because it’s fleece applied to a sweatshirt, it’s EASY–no fancy fitting, no seam finishes, simple elastic button”holes” and optional snowman applique (which can be on back or even on front of another sweatshirt). Use pompoms for snowballs. This really doesn’t take long!

Be sure to peek on line to see the very different one with leopard fleece. (You COULD add a white snowman on the back wearing a leopard scarf–sure to delight a teen or preteen girl. Zebra is also a “cool” choice.) Another color besides red takes this design easily into the new year, and the general instructions work for any size. On sale between now and Christmas for $3.50:

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“With Fleece as White as Snow” cc1011 by LJ Christensen
“Snow Family Skirt” cc1010 by LJ Christensen

Let’s do a two-fer! Since I’m thinking about snowmen appliques….if you like the Santa pattern with snowmen, you might be interested in the “Snow Family Skirt” appliques as well. They certainly can be made out of fleece, too, instead of quilting cotton, and applied to a sweatshirt instead of a skirt. The snowflakes are darling, too, and really easy to make.

How cute would it be to make everyone in the family coordinating, yet customized sweatshirts? There’s definitely time, and it just might be the answer about what the heck to do about Uncle Bob, Aunt Susie or Gramps. Sweatshirts are genderless and ageless. This pattern is also on sale for $3.50 until Christmas…..” Click here

Now for a tip or several:

  1. When appliqueing cotton, I nearly always use a paper-backed fusible web. It’s better to apply it in a big swathe and then cut out the pieces because that way, the backing gets all the way to the edge.
  2. When appliqueing stretchy fleece, you may find the Wonder Under doesn’t work so well. However, you might take a look at interfacings because there is a STRETCHABLE iron-on now that can at least give the fleece a little stability.
  3. Fleece really doesn’t ravel, so it’s fine to just do a fairly wide-apart zigzag instead of a satin stitch.
  4. Loose pieces like scarves don’t need edge finishes. Just tack the pieces down a little and let them fly.
  5. You CAN use satin stitch for branch arms or sled blades, but it’s best to tuck some tear-away interfacing underneath so that the knit doesn’t stretch…maybe even add some wash-away on top as well. (I always keep a little bag of scraps of those items after I embroider.)
  6. In a pinch, use some paper for stabilizer–my mother used a roll of adding machine paper. (You can get pads of news print style paper in the children’s sketching dept–Walmart, etc. that’s easier to tear and easier on your needle, though. I print paper-piecing patterns on it.)
  7. Play with embellishments such as buttons, ribbon, and even teeny pompoms. (There’s usually a staple inside the pompom you can catch with the needle to whip it on.) You’ll feel like a kid dressing a real snowman, but it’s not so cold!

Have a Happy Holiday--try to hang loose and ENJOY yourself and have relaxed, fun time.

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