“Baby, it’s cold outside!”

Come in and make a steaming hot cup of coffee! Even if you don’t drink coffee, you’ll like THIS one. It’s a new super-simple applique design for a Platter Pad or quilt block in 3 sizes. I guarantee you know someone who’ll love it! Three rows of four blocks would make a nice wall hanging–make each cup in a different fabric for fun. Very quick!!

On sale for 3 weeks for just $1.50! Click here!

“Coffee Cup” by LJ Christensen

I do not have photos of coffee. Just don’t. I sometimes drink a cup (preferably with whipped cream and chocolate), but I don’t photograph it; I’m too busy guzzling it! (MacDonald mocha frappe–just saying!)

I’ve been thinking about pin cushions. Yeah, I know, weird thing to think about and has absolutely NOTHING to do with coffee or platter pads. However, I bought a new wrist pin cushion last week and found I really like it. The old ones had plastic cuffs that cut into my skin and bothered me. Then I got a new one with Velcro on the wrist, which was better, but the magnet wasn’t that strong, and I found a little bump would send pins flying…always landing on the floor for my usually bare feet to pick up. OUCH.

This new one, though, has an actual cushion, deep enough to hold the pins in better, and I’m enjoying the convenience of having them right where I need them.

In general, I prefer the big heavy-duty magnetic ones to have beside my machine. In fact, I have two so that I can keep one on my cutting table as well. LOVE them. If pins ever fall, I just grab them back with the magnet. I DO use an old tomato cushion, too, though NOT for my normal pins. I mark needle sizes on it and file the gently used machine needles there. It also holds safety pins, hat pins, and various sizes of hand-sewing needles so that they don’t “mess up” my main pins. It’s so much easier to grab one when you don’t have to sort through needles and safety pins!

Then there are the “cute” pin cushions–pumpkins, birds, and miscellaneous clever designs. Those I just collect for fun. I even found one that comes in a lipstick tube–great for keeping a few in my purse!

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