Football widow?

Or just tired of watching running backs and would rather “run back” to your sewing corner to play? If so, this is a treat. Just raid that stash of scraps, looking for coordinating colors that could be wrapping paper. Find some ribbons to match. Make this quick “Glitzy Gift Boxes” runner in one of the two lengths. It’d be darling to give a friend as a “gift of birthday gifts,” or use it for a golden anniversary, or use up some Christmas scraps. With its cheery 3D bows, it’ll make a cute table!

On sale for just $1.50 through February–click here to buy.

Glitzy Gift Closeup by LJ Christensen

Speaking of gifts…probably the very best gift I ever received was delivering my very own St. Nicholas on Dec. 20, just before Christmas. However, the best one my husband and I ever GAVE was to my mother-n-law for her 65th birthday. She was visiting us in Italy. Our landlord gave her a bouquet of flowers, and I had made her a new wardrobe–multiple pieces. But the last gift was really, really big. She opened the box, found another inside, and then another, and another, until she finally got down to the piece of paper that she couldn’t quite comprehend.

It was a ticket to join us in a Mediterranean Orient Express cruise from Venice, through the Corinth Canal, to Athens, Istanbul, the Turkish ruins of Ephesus (yes, of Paul’s letters to the Ephesians) and stopping by several Mediterranean islands, including Knossos Palace ruins on Crete, Santorini and Rhodes, among others. Needless to say, she was blown away. We were, too, by the magnificent cruise, one of our best journeys ever!

Here are photos I incorporated into a memory quilt for her.

Mediterranean Memories by LJ Christensen
Boarded in Venice by LJ Christensen
Mother-in-law in bottom left pic and pics of Greece
Board and pics of Turkey (Turkish Ottoman throne on bottom right)

What wonderful memories! I am so ready to travel again if I can ever get my knees replaced and working!

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