Not just a valentine…

but it COULD be, so I’m posting ON Valentine’s Day with my new “Check Out My Purple Heart” throw design. It’s a generous 54″ square, big enough for ANYone’s lap. I also made a real effort to tone down the purple. Using pale yellow cream and some maroon helped temper the “pinkiness” and make it suitable for a man. I was thinking of our brave recipients of the “purple heart” and wanted this to be something for anyone, male or female. The heart design blends subtly into the checkerboard medallion, surrounded with “X” and “O” blocks. What a work of love!

On sale for $3.50 until the end of February, click here for more info.

“Check Out My Purple Heart” cc2309
by LJ Christensen

I’ve had some great Valentine Days, but this may be the best ever! Today my builder came and finished the LAST touches to my Christensen Creations Sewgocreate Studio, which I have to say is better than chocolate! (…and as I’m a chocoholic, that’s REALLY saying something!)

I still have a huge amount to do in order to get all the fabric sorted properly and loaded onto the shelves, not to mention all the wall hangings that need to go up….but I now have all the details of The Construction done, done, done….and to quote Judge Marilyn Milian, “Stick a fork in me. I’m done!”

Desk finally finished!
One quilting hanging area
Some quilts hanging
Christensen Creations Sewgocreate Studio finished!!!

This is a dream come true! Now back to work! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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