Boo Day is almost here! I don’t carve pumpkins, but I’ve been making jack-o-lanterns out of fabric. I pulled out all my oranges and designed an entire family of Dad, Mom and 3 kiddos (or maybe 2 kids and a dog?) They got to be more and more fun with different eyes, mouths, even eyebrows and gold teeth. (They don’t show up well in the photo, but I assure you I found some gold metallic fabric!) Then I added a spider!! Too cute–made from a button, with a silver web.

Jackson-O-Lantern Five cc 2313

I have to admit that if you want to make this one for THIS year, you have to start NOW–lots and lots of squares to cut and sew–350+. However, all the many grids/graphs I include make it really easy to pull out just one or two pumpkins for this season and work on the lap quilt later. Yes, lap quilt or wall hanging–it’s 36″x 43″, a big hanging or cozy lap quilt. This will make a happy family, and it’s on sale for just $3.50 until the end of the month.

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In the spirit of Halloween, I’ll also put on sale “My Little Monster.” This is actually a wonderful starter quilt because it’s easy with big pieces, and whether Jr. sews it or just helps pick out the details and colors, it’s a great interactive quilting experience.

My Little Monster cc2300

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Both of these quilts have little quirky 3D details, which I love to add. You can leave them out, but I think they add a little dimension. Both of them are kid-friendly, too. The little monster is a 4’x5′ wonderful size for a snuggle quilt, not quite big enough for a bed, but big enough for a nap! It was fun to use up some wild colors, too–the ones we adore at the shop, and then reality hits that they don’t go with our furnishings….ha!

A few words of wisdom to pass along….I used Sulky’s “Sliver” silver thread for the web. It’s hard to use. Definitely use a special metallic thread needle. (I use mine and then put it back away in its case because they are a little more expensive than normal needles–in a pinch, use an embroidery needle.) You absolutely MUST loosen your tension, I said LOOSEN!!! Otherwise, it will snap and break every few inches. If it still doesn’t work in your machine, try the other types of metallic threads, which are a little more stable. But sew slowly. I used black in the bobbin (because it was there); however, you might try light gray or even white with silver. I wouldn’t bother to wind a bobbin of the metallic.

I have to add the it does WORK in the bobbin, though. That’s how I quilted an entire vest one time–from the back side, it never broke. The judges were impressed and gave me a 1st prize….so that’s another trick. Quilt from the back using a metallic thread in the bobbin–how cool is that?

Now order a pattern and get to work–Boo day is just around the corner. Next week it’ll be time to talk turkey!

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