Time to Give Thanks

even when it feels like the world is crumbling, it’s good to sit back and think about what we DO have and give thanks. You even have time before Thanksgiving to make this throw because it’s made of simple large squares and triangles. I put in 19 photos and 24 diagrams just to make the piecing really easy. Surprisingly, perhaps, it also uses lots of scraps–perfect for someone with a big stash and limited time.

On sale between now and Thanksgiving for just $3.50, click here to buy.

Give Thanks Throw by LJ Christensen

It might be the cozy addition you need for your family room! If you truly don’t have time, it’s for sale right now in the Market Shoppes in downtown Wetumpka–it could be yours!

As I was designing this throw, I was concentrating on finding soft medium values because most of us don’t choose neon orange for our houses (unless you just happen to be an Auburn or UT fan!! HA!) I purposely picked a soft gray background to mute the colors a bit.

What I truly didn’t think about until I was working on the pattern is that it’s primarily a scrappy quilt! Amazingly, 8-10 of the colors are less than 1/4 yd. and often less than an 1/8, just a bit here or there to suggest a fruit or vegetable. Like square pegs in round holes, they are all squares! However, I added some quilting whirls to further “suggest” roundness….and it’s 100 times quicker than applique! The colors get the point across well enough.

Speaking of scraps, though, I was thinking about what joy it gives me to use them up I honestly think it’s more pleasurable than cutting into new fabric. My parents grew up in the Depression and taught me to value making “something from nothing.” There’s a special thrill for me when I use fabric leftover that’s already been used once, so it feels free.

If I’m not making quilts, I’m using bits and pieces for applique. I also make scrunchies and quilted hairbands, purses, totebags, yoyo necklaces, Christmas ornaments and of course, for a couple years, I made 100’s of masks, mostly with scraps. Every so often I sort them by size and color. That is a labor of love, for sure, as I caress them, sort them, pile them, and dream of what new life they might have. OK, I’m a bit obsessed.

If you don’t like to fool with them, give them to someone who has kids. The Kelly community art center in Wetumpka has used lots of mine for monthly children’s craft projects this past year. Even the small pieces can be glued on paper! It’s amazing to watch how the little bits of color can spark the kids’ imagination!

Maybe I’m just a big old kid! Are you?

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