May Day Play Day

So much going on in May…I’m worn out. On days between major projects and major obligations, one way I like to wind down is to play with my scraps. Yes, PLAY. I sort them, fold them, repack them in ever-larger containers, and treasure them like I did when I was little. My mother taught me the pleasure of “making something out of nothing” because she grew up with a lot of nothing.

I, however, have a LOT of scraps. I cannot throw them away. Can NOT. So I’m always interested in ways to use them. I’ve found a new way, making long strips into scrap bowls. I watched a youtube video by Superior Threads marketing manager Amy Domke, which inspired me (thanks, Amy–love your thread, too!!) Here’s the link:

Rope bowls are a fun easy project with professional results! – YouTube

I had no “rope,” but someone had given me 100 yds or so of a soft braided nylon that I had no conceivable use for…so I tried it. I tried wrapping, but the frayed edges bothered me. So I developed a process of cutting long strips and pressing 1/4″ in on one long side. Then I tuck the raw edge under the pressed edge as I cover the rope. For that soft braid, I did a 2-step process, covering by sewing down the middle for the yardage, then coiling and zigzagging together.

Libby’s “Whatnot” Bowls for sale at Poppy Layne Vintage in Wetumpka, Alabama

What fun! This was actually something new for me, and I was delighted to find a way to use those long skinny scraps, not even wide enough for 2 1/2″ squares.

I organized my scraps by color, but you could use multi colors and/or leave the frayed edge. You can also wrap the fabric around and around the rope as you sew.

Aren’t they cute? Use for keys, change, jewelry, candy, desk supplies, seashells, even dog biscuits! Give them filled with something interesting for a great gift. YOU go create them YOUR way for YOUR purpose–that’s the point.

To begin, a small bowl takes at least 5 yds of macrame or other roping, so figure 10-20 for larger bowls. The ending isn’t lovely. If you can see on the cream/beige “dog bowl,” I made a little tab with the face of a dog (from the top printed fabric) to cover the edge.

What about thread? Use whatever you have, whatever you want to use up. Notice the green bowl has some gold thread. Metallics break easily, so I put the gold Sliver thread in the bobbin; then I inverted the bowl. In my case, I’m using up some ancient thread and finishing up spools– using up a different kind of scrap.

Making something beautiful out of nothing! Join me and send pics of what you make!

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  1. Love this! So many fond memories of your mother and her inspirational sewing abilities.

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