I’ll be a-LIVE on Sunday, Sept 25, noon central time.

I certainly hope I’ll be alive because I’m giving a LIVE FACEBOOK presentation of my latest pattern. I’m working on finishing it for publication, but come what may, I’ll be doing a presentation in collaboration with http://www.thefabrichut.com tomorrow . WOO-HOO! If you want to watch, simply ask to join their Facebook group–no charge! Since they are the hosts, I can’t copy it to my own page.

This “cat-on-a-lap” quilt is called “The Cat in the Moon” with a gentle nod toward Halloween without being neon orange (just neon yellow–ha!) It has big blocks that are easy to piece. It’s made with two bundles of “fat fifths” from http://www.thefabric hut.com, a black/white called “white cat collection” and a “yellow collection,” available from their website.

“The Cat in the Moon” cc2326 available soon

Because the piecing is so easy, I’ll concentrate my remarks on how to do the face/neck/ears. I have a little folding trick I’ll show.

Cat in the Moon face by LJ Christensen

That’s it for now because I’m still working on the pattern. I want to have it published by tomorrow–it may be a long night! –Libby Christensen

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