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quilt labels on the back of quilts. They are especially important for quilts that are likely to be handed down to the younger generations and can contain everything from the name of the quilt and quilter to the date and information about the material or content.

If you have a lap quilt, it’s also important that the back be attractive and interesting because it will be seen. Sometimes you can find really unique backing fabrics like the rather “moony” one I found for the yellow, black and white “The Cat on the Moon”below.

Back of “The Cat in the Moon” lap quilt cc#2326

If you machine-embroider a label, I recommend that you cut the fabric a lot bigger than the finished label. It’s easier to hoop and can be cut down. I usually just make a rectangle, but I’ve found it’s often nice to give it a little bound edge.

Label for “Check Out Burton’s Whirl” cc#2325
“Check Out Burton’s Whirl”

To make a bound edge, just sew a strip 1 or 1 1/4″ wide along the top and bottom, then strips along the side. Press the raw edges under to the back of the label. I use a dab of Elmer’s purple washable glue stick to hold them in place! If you prefer, you can use one long strip and miter it like a regular quilt binding.

If you have the time and inclination, you can “up your game” a little and add some embroidery, such as the butterfly on the label of “Butterflies Fly Free.”

“3D Butterflies Fly Free” cc#2319 label
“3D Butterflies Fly Free”

For “The Cat in the Moon,” I decided to applique a cat in front of the moon on the back as well as the front. I left the embroidery stabilizer on the back of the label for the applique. The circle template was just a pan lid, and gathering with a basting stitch pulled the seam allowance to the back!

“The Cat in the Moon” cc#2326 by LJ Christensen
“The Cat in the Moon” close-up

Labels can be small or large, with hand or machine embroidery, and as unique and fun as you want.

For more details, see the 17-min. video here on the landing page (on right hand side near top.) For a video explanation of the cat quilt, become a member of www.thefabrichut.com‘s Facebook quilting group. Just ask. It’s a fun group with lots of photos and sharing from all over the world. I’m collaborating with them to make some designs from their fabrics and then do Facebook LIVE presentations, but those are recorded so that they can be watched any time. I can only upload brief ones on my website or Facebook page; they host the longer ones. Watch me for lots of tips!

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