Do you remember the Singing Bass of yesteryear?

If so, you’ll get a huge kick of this homage wall hanging. “Bubba Bass Wears Plaid” is a new pattern of the tail-waggling bass. Made of shirt flannels, it’s sure to please the fisherman (or fisherwoman) in your family and is a perfect homey wall hanging to display in a lake home! So cute, the fins and chin all flap, and the tail is wired–full instructions in the pattern.

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Making 3D fins and tail is easy–“Bubba Bass Wears Plaid” cc2110

Don’t let anyone tell you that quilts must be made of special quilter’s cotton, which is getting more and more expensive. I lived in Montana a couple years, and believe me, THOSE quilter ranchers learned that soft flannel (cotton version is sometimes dubbed “flannelette” to distinguish it from wool flannel, but I’m OK with just “flannel”)–anyway, they not only BACKED their quilts with it, but they used it as the main ingredient for the blocks! Nice and warm and comfy. These days it comes in all colors.

The turquoise and blue shades made me think of water, so I ran strips going from the darkest blue near the bottom to the light ones on top. That made a great contrast for the red bass. Apparently I did something right because this hanging just made a “1st Place” in the Fine Crafts category of a Montgomery Society of Arts and Crafts art show. Woohoo! Who knew? The judge had probably had one in her family and must have had a good sense of humor! These days the singing bass originals are found in vintage store or thrift shops–maybe even garage sales–so you can go looking or you can get this new version that’s less dusty and doesn’t sing an annoying song over and over and over and….you get the point.

As for quilts–quilters used to use men’s old wool suits–ugly but very warm, my mother told me. She grew up in a house without central heating, so she knew the importance of a truly warm quilt back then! On the other hand, they used elegant silk and satins, especially for those divinely embroidered crazy quilts. They were using up every possible scrap of a luxury item! And I have to say that a woven polyester sheet (cheap from Big Lots) makes a lightweight, silky backing! (On mine, the color ran, so it’s good that I had pre-washed it multiple times!)

So don’t be afraid to break the quilters’ cotton code. Wait! Flannelette IS cotton, right? You could even search for old plaid shirts in thrift stores if so inclined! Then there’s fur! I knew some American quilters in what was then West Berlin who shopped for old used furs in the thrift stores and made teddy bears!

Don’t be afraid to be adventurous. This pattern has flexible wire in the tail! I might not do it for a BLANKET….but if it hangs on the wall, it shouldn’t poke anybody!

Watch for next video–coming soon, “Button Button…” and if you happen to be near Wetumpka, find me on Saturday, Nov 5, at the vendors’ tent just off Main Street for the huge Wildlife Arts Festival. Lots of photos and some cute crafts. The following weekend, I’ll be a Charis Crafters’ 3-day sale in the Wetumpka Civic Ctr. Now that this pattern is published, I’ve got to get back to tagging!

–Libby, quilting with zest!

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