QUICK! The Spin stop here!

Halloween is just a hair’s breadth away, or maybe a ghost’s breath? It’s not too late, though, to add a spider web, always a great touch for Halloween spookiness. (Personally, I like to put up webs around my doorbell so that trick-or-treaters get a spooky experience..is that too mean?)

It’s easy to sew a spider web. Just make some spokes, even or uneven, and make concentric circles. Even easier, use the trick in the “Halloweensie Weensie Spider” wall quilt below. The web is made by top-stitching double-fold biack bias tape. You could substitute soutache (sometimes called “middy braid) or even ribbon. I recommend using the open-toe foot and holding the tape or braid up and taut to keep it threading under the foot without slipping. You might even have a special braid foot. Just zigzag the web in place. If you’re a quilter, you can piece the pie shapes if you want and make this any size.

“Halloweensie Weensie Spider”

If you want to sew a smaller web, just stitch it. Draw on your fabric or print off my pattern, “Ms. Spider Spins at Night cc2027.” Be sure to use stabilizer under the fabric. Pin the paper onto the fabric and sew right through it, the fabric and the stabilizer, following the lines. Sew regular stitching (as the web) or zigzag (closely) to make a satin-stitch for a wider stitch (the pumpkin and moon). If you have newsprint foundation paper, you can use it, but it’s not necessary to go out and buy it. Regular computer paper works. It’s just harder on your needle and a little hard to tear. Just make smaller stitches. Tweezers help pull off the small pieces of paper.

Ms. Spider–just sew onto the paper lines
(with stabilizer on the back),
then tear off the paper and the stabilizer.

Sewing with metallic thread, especially slick, ribbony “Sliver” (by Suilky) can be really challenging, but I have a really great tip. See my brief video on my landing page, https://sewgocreate.com, to hear my tip or buy the pattern. It’s spook-tacular and quick, very quick! Happy Haunting!

If you don’t do Halloween projects, it’s OK: don’t forget that you can also put spider webs in GARDENS…and I even have a few in my house!)

“Ms. Spider Spins at Night” Mr. Pumpkin is scared, very scared!!

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