Has it “fallen” yet at your house?

Not so much here–still pushing 80 and most leaves are green, but fall is around the corner. I’ve noticed pumpkins are appearing on steps, beside carts, and in the super market. It’s a time for switching from pinks to oranges. Suddenly, those spring flowers look a bit garish and out of sync. When that happens, we change our wardrobes and start adding some blacks and browns to tone things down. The same goes for our sewing room. it’s time to think about other colors and designs.

I’ve never designed an entire quilt for fall–probably because it seems so fleeting with the Christmas season starting in September. However, it’s fun to work on runners and hot pads that scream AUTUMN. Choose your method–piecing or spplique –and make some pumpkins….(or spiders!)

Great Pumpkins Runner in 3 Sizes #CC240
Halloweensie Weensie Spider Wall Hanging #1027
Ms. Spider Spins at Night HUGE platter pad #2027
Pumpkin Time HUGE platter pad $CC2024
Jackson-o-Lantern Five Lap Quilt or Hanging #CC2313

Look at that happy family above! Make your own family happy with some cute pumpkins. Whether subdued and elegant or bright and cheerful, there’s surely at least one you like!! Browse for these and more fall patterns:

https://sewgocreate.com/ There’s a great search bar. Order with a credit card and the pattern comes directly to you, but please give us some time because it’s not automatic–we have to jump through a few hoops to get it sent!


PS You can also find me in the Facebook group: thefabrichut.com Join more than 10,000 quilters around the world for free. it’s a fun group. On the “Media” page, there are several of my “sewalong” tutorials with lots of tips! A new one on Tips for Sewing Tips is coming in a week or so!

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