Blooming in July

Even if you’re not a gardener, you can grow a beautiful garden and even WEAR it! I designed a really fun skirt that can be made to fit ANYBODY because it is turned sideways. Sideways? Yes, start with the length you need to get comfortably around your hips. The fold becomes the elastic casing or … Continue reading “Blooming in July”

“April showers bring…

May flowers”—-ooops! How did it get to be June so quickly? My bad. I’ve been ghosing my blog, but I have a great excuse. I just had a knee replacement, and though I’ve still been making face masks on request, I just haven’t been up to quilting too much. So instead, I bring you yoyos, … Continue reading ““April showers bring…”

Platter pads/Applique designs

Christensen Creations digital “Petites on Point” Platter Pad designs, usually appliqueed, are attractive enough to hang on the wall.