GLAD Bundle #CC3000


A bundle of yoyo gladiolus patterns.  The quilt is included with the first pattern.



When the asked me to design a quilt with their fabrics, a big bundle of bright solid fat fifths really spoke to me.  It LOOKED like flowers.  But how to incorporate all those colors into one quilt while sticking to just one bundle–hmm?  And I always like to design my OWN blocks with a little bit of 3D for texture.  It was definitely a challenge.

I got the little lap quilt done, then realized I still had a lot of scraps left, so I reworked my “Glad Not Nana’s Yoyos” wall hanging to use up the scraps.  Both the quilt and the wall hanging are recorded on‘s Facebook page.  Just join (free) the over 9000 quilters from around the world and find the videos under media. –Libby

Now (wonderful sewing tools on line) has invited me to do a blog to show how to sew the yoyos, so I’m renewing this special group of patterns.–Libby

This special bundle for August 2022 celebrated Libby Christensen’s new association with www.the  She designs special quilts with their “fat fifths” and doing a monthly Facebook LIVE on their facebook page.  The first  LIVE was on “Bundle of Blossoms” and the next was Aug. 19, 2022, on the “Glad to Have Scraps” yo-yo gladiolus pattern (similar to “Glad Not Nana’s Yoyos”).   The scrap pattern is not quite “no sew,” but it IS “Low-Sew”!    THIS pattern bundle is a bundle of all the yoyo gladiolus patterns for just half price this month!

1 “Bundle of Blossoms” quilt with  “Glad to Have Scraps” hanging included

2 “Glad Not Nana’s Yoyos” (similar to wall hanging above, but bigger, more complex)

3 “Glad Jacket” ANY size sweatshirt made into a jacket with glads

4 “Happy to GLADiolus” Platter Pad, a huge 12″ hot pad with a glad!

$10 for $20 of pattern through May 2023.


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