GLAD Bundle #CC3000


A bundle of yoyo gladiolus patterns.  The quilt is included with the first pattern.


This special bundle for August 2022 celebrates Libby Christensen’s birthday and her new association with www.the  She is designing special quilts with their “fat fifths” and doing a monthly Facebook LIVE on their facebook page.  The first  LIVE was on “Bundle of Blossoms” and the next is Aug. 19 on the “Glad to Have Scraps” yo-yo gladiolus pattern (similar to “Glad Not Nana’s Yoyos”).   The scrap pattern is not quite “no sew,” but it IS “Low-Sew”!    THIS bundle is a bundle of all the yoyo gladiolus patterns for just half price this month!

1 “Bundle of Blossoms” quilt with  “Glad to Have Scraps” hanging included

2 “Glad Not Nana’s Yoyos” (similar to wall hanging above, but bigger, more complex)

3 “Glad Jacket” ANY size sweatshirt made into a jacket with glads

4 “Happy to GLADiolus” Platter Pad, a huge 12″ hot pad with a glad!

$20 value for $10 through August 31!


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